Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lost and Found

I was working on a Christmas art journal last year and never completed it so I decided to that now! Uh oh! It was gone! I looked all over the house for it and came to the conclusion that when we packed up some of the rooms for the flooring guys to come in, it must have accidentally landed in the trash pile and been thrown out! So I am starting all over on it instead of abandoning the idea! The journal I bought to use is big enough to accomidate the 25 days of the challenge but also hold alot of unscrapped holiday pictures from years past and extra entries over the years to come!

I chose my theme for my circle journal. I will be doing "It's what I have that counts". Everyone has something that makes them feel good so this should be a fun topic! I hope to get the cover, sign in page and intro/instruction page done this coming weekend!

Our trip to the mountains is coming up very soon now! I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the area and as of right now it looks like a sunny day and cool enough to take along a sweatshirt! Just how I love the weather - especially in the mountains! I will be recharging camera batteries so we can take plenty of pictures!

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maria said...

Sorry to hear you lost your last art journal! Hope you get to have fun with this year's journal though. And I can't wait for the CJ....the theme you chose is great!