Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finding the Good in the Bad

Yesterday brought sad news. One of my favorite scrapbooking websites/communities will shutting it's doors. I have been here for over 2 years and met many wonderful ladies that I am proud to call my friends. Today I will try to focus on the good things instead of dwelling over something that makes me so sad.

1. The test results (mentioned in my previous post) came back and all is well.

2. I am still working on my Gratitude Journal. I just haven't found the time to scan the images to upload.

3. I have bought our Thanksgiving turkey and have planned out the menu. I've also been stocking up for Christmas baking that will begin shortly after Turkey Day!

4. Ryan asked me to take some pictures of him last night. Maybe I can convince him to let me take some more and get him to smile next time!

5. DH and I are hoping to take another day trip soon.


maria said...

I had just joined DML recently, but I already felt at home! I feel so sad too, but you are right in keeping your focus on the positive.
Glad to read your test results were good! Yeay! Turkey day is coming....soooo happy about that! My favorite holiday! :)

Sharon said...

What are we gonna do Sherry?!!!! I'm sad about DML. I'm glad about your test results! yay!!

Lynn Anne said...

Good luck with getting another day trip together. So beautiful, so manageably short - but still WE never seem to get any planned.

DML-DownMemory Lane? I was wondering which website you meant - I hadn't heard they were closing up shop. Sorry to hear you're losing a favorite hangout :(