Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I spent yesterday going over my holiday baking list and deciding which week would be set aside for my cooking fest. I decided to start on December 11 and will make one or two items each day through December 15.

Day 1 - Cheese Cookies (Ryan's favorite)
Day 2 - Rum Balls and Bourbon Balls
Day 2 - Fudge
Day 3 - start the dough for my Cream Cheese Bread (Harold's favorite)
Day 3 - Chocolate dipped shortbread cookies
Day 4 - Finish up the Cream Cheese Bread
Day 5 - Cream Cheese Cake mini bites
and on Christmas Eve - Monkey Bread (Michael's favorite)

of course, I love it all! I skipped all the extra baking last holiday season so I am really looking forward to it this year. Thanksgiving will be different this year. Harold has to work (for the first time since we've been married), Michael will be out of town and Ryan has made other plans also. I have decided to save my big turkey for Christmas. Of course I will bake a small turkey so they can still get their left over turkey sandwich fixes!

Once again I'm getting the itch to do 12x12 layouts. It happens every so often but in the end I am always happier with my 8.5x11's. I have a large bed scanner so the stitching wouldn't be a problem but I am just not happy with the color on this scanner. It looks washed out. My regular bed scanner gives me the color I want.
So I will make my arguements for 8.5x11 once again!

a. I still have lots and lots of 8.5x11 page protectors.
b. I still have some unused 8.5x11 albums
c. I am used to size format.
d. the albums fit perfectly on my bookshelf.

Enough said! And I can always roam the online galleries at all the wonderful work in this size!


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Anonymous said...

Sherry - the baking sounds too good to be true!!! MmmmMmmm!!!