Friday, January 11, 2019

Pot of Gold

The Grumpy Ol Gazer and I decided that we needed to get busy and clean out a lot of the stuff that has been cluttering up our closets and drawers for years. It has been a big task and one we are not going to hurry with. Cleaning out these spaces is like taking a walk down memory lane! We each would find little treasures from years ago that had been safely tucked away (then forgotten about). We are able to get rid of a lot of things that we no longer need or want while making new spaces for other items.

While cleaning out my closet I found some quilt tops that I had obviously just put away before finishing them off! I found three row quilt tops from exchanges I had participated in and I found some house blocks from another exchange I had taken part in. I will be sharing these over the month!

First of all is a Christmas row by row quilt. This is the top half.

This is the bottom half.

I also found several finished cross stitch pieces that I thought were gone forever! I had especially been looking for this piece by Plum Street Samplers. I see a Christmas pillow for next year!

I saw that LHN is coming out with a new series. I know that I said I had enough but I really really like this series. I am not going to make any commitments yet but I do keep looking at it and drooling.

I fell in love with this free block over at Quilters Cache. It is called Hard Times and is a 10 inch block. I automatically knew how I would put it together. I will save that for a later surprise just in case I can't find the fabrics I need for it. Or in case I change my mind about the colors.

I found several other designs I like but I am going to take them one at a time and enjoy the hand quilting on each one. I sure wish my Grandma was here so we could talk about quilting; gardening flowers and vegetables And even though I was not big on playing the piano, I sure loved to sit beside her while she played and sing those hymns after dinner!

This will be the year of home improvements around here. We have been putting things off for too many years and now we really need to get busy! Instead of listing all the things we hope to get done, I just post them as they happen!

Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Robin in Virginia said...

You have found some fabulous items in your quest to clean out. Enjoy your weekend!

butterfly said...

I always find it fun when we have a clean out , but I seem to end up with more , than we took out ha.

marly said...

We plan to go through closets again. I doubt I will find any treasures as you have!

moosecraft said...

A year of home improvements sounds great to me! Clearing out and fixing up (while it is a lot of work), actually transforms your home into a place of incredibles peace and relaxation. You will feel so good when things are done1 :-) Of course....looking forward to seeing your stitch and quilt projects this year too!