Saturday, December 18, 2010

Peeking In

DH is home on vacation and I had a few minutes to drop in and say hi to everyone! There hasn't been as much stitching as I hoped lately and I am beginning to wonder if I will get AWWR finished by the end of the year. I am going to keep pushing for that goal anyway.

It has been busy around here. Thanks to Harold, I had the most perfect birthday! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday! We went out (as planned) and did some needed errands then off to shop for my birthday present.

Since I love and collect Santas, I have had my eye on this Boyd Santa (on the left) for awhile. It was still at the store and to make things even better, it was marked down 50%. Then I found this thimble Santa by Tom Clarke in NC (on the right). I collect a few of his figures and I love his thimble gnome collection since I also collect thimbles. Another wonderful surprise when I found that he, too, was marked down 50% plus he is an edition #1. Triple the surprises! I am rebuilding my Santa collection since over the years many have been broken or just gotten raggy. These are wonderful additions to my new start!

After lunch, we drove across the state line to the LNS where I get some pieces framed. I had a birthday coupon and was looking for just the right thing to get. I couldn't find what I wanted until I went through the sale bin and found God Bless Us Everyone by The Primitive Needle marked down to $2.50! I have been wanting this pattern and the price was definitely right!

Then off to eat at my favorite winter time restaurant for Chicken and Dumplings! Yes, I said winter time restaurant! Their food is delicious but just a little too heavy for those hot summer days yet perfect for the cold days of winter! On cold evenings, they always have a fire burning in their mammoth fireplace to help make everything even more cozy!

Yesterday's weather was beautiful! Sunny skies and warmer than recent temperatures. We got ready today to finish off our errands and do some shopping, opened the door to leave and we saw the biggest, fattest snowflakes falling! It didn't last more than an hour but it beautiful coming down!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!


Margaret said...

That does sound like a perfect birthday! Happy belated birthday to you. I used to collect Boyd stuff -- love the Santas! Enjoy the time with your Harold -- so nice that he has off!

Kathy said...

I am so glad you had such a nice Birthday. Love those new Santas for your collection.


April Mechelle said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday !! Those Santas are so cute !

Denise said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. And the sales - wow! Chicken and dumplings sounds like something I should make after Christmas. Great idea!

Smiles - Denise

Maggie said...

Glad you had a great birthday, sounds like a perfect day :-)

We had snow yesterday too, it looks lovely but i won't be able to get my car out of our road for work tomorrow, looks like catching the bus!

have a great week x

Peggy Lee said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Great find at the shop!
Your new Santa is adorable! What a great thing to collect.

Hmmm...chicken and dumplings huh? Sounds like something I could make for dinner one night. YUM!!

Susan said...

What a wonderful birthday you enjoyed! Congratulations! on your purchases and the fine dinner. It is often the little things that please us the most.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Stitching! Good luck on AWWR!

Roberta said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sherry and I am glad to hear that you are feeling better also.

Love the Santa's that you got - the Thimble one is just perfect for a stitcher.

Wishing you and your family A Merry Christmas.