Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Past

It's been a few days since I last posted. No stitching for me since last post. I got some sort of bug and have been fighting getting over it. I think the fever broke last night so maybe I am on the mend.

We had snow flurries earlier this week! It was so fun to see everyone at our house get excited over the few flakes! Snow always brings out the kid in about everyone!

We have been having temperatures as low as 9 degrees and highs topping off at 34 degrees. The term Artic Blast is mild! Our temps haven't been as cold as other places but too cold for us non the less.

During the holiday season, I tend to remember things that always make my heart warm. Usually memories of past Christmases. This time I thought about the year my Dad bought a race car set to put up around the tree. What girl gives a hoot about something this? But I loved it because each evening after he got home from work we would sit under the tree and race our cars round and round the track! Together time. It was only put out when the tree went up so it became a Christmas tradition. The tradition of time well spent together laughing and enjoying each others company.

DH will be taking Friday off as part of my birthday present, then we will be going out to shop around, maybe hit the LNS and on to the restaurant for Chicken and Dumplings! I can taste them now! These are as good as my Grandma made and hers could really make my taste buds dance!

Harold will begin his two week Christmas vacation soon so I probably won't be getting online very much while he his home. No special plans. Just watching some movies together while I stitch and he putters around with his hobby.

I want to go ahead and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year now in the event I get busy. I am sure I will pop in occasionally but it doesn't hurt to say it more than once! Hopefully I will have more to share next time! Thanks for stopping by. Your visits and comments always make my day!


Vonna said...

I always get nostalgic too around the holidays! Have a very Merry Christmas and the most blessed of New Years Sherry!
God bless....

Margaret said...

Oh I'm glad you will have time together for your birthday! Happy birthday to you! Glad Harold has time off for Christmas as well! Have a great holiday!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Love your race track story - what a great father/daughter memory!

Happy Birthday to you and I hope you're feeling much, much better!

Merry Christmas!

Kathy said...

And when I was little we always had a train around the tree. And every Christmas night I would give the baby Jesus a ride in the coal car. LOL That memory ALWAYS makes me smile. As I'm sure the one of you and your Dad playing with the race track does too. :) Christmas is special memoris at a special time of year. :)

Happy Birthday! I hope all your Birthday wishes come true.

Peggy Lee said...

So glad you are on the mend. It seems that being sick is so much worse when it's around the holiday's.
It's wonderful your husband has some time off to spend it doing "whatever"!!.
God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Maggie said...

A very Merrry christmas to you to sherry!

I hope you are feeling better soon and have a fantastic festive holiday :-)

Julie M said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy your chicken and dumplings! Loved your race track story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

The Scarlett House said...

Have a wonderful birthday, Sherry! Enjoy your chicken and dumplings. Gosh, I haven't made that in years. (MY dh doesn't like "soggy bread") I should just make them for myself, huh?

Have a very merry Christmas, too!

Siobhan said...

I'm behind on blogging, so just saw your progress pic. You're doing a great job! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas filled with special memories, which will in turn create new memories to treasure.