Monday, December 06, 2010

It's Monday

After a day of grocery shopping, running errands and sloshing around in the rain and sleet I came home totally exhausted to find a package waiting on me. After putting the groceries away, I collapsed in my chair with the package! I was so thrilled to see it contained goodies from Santa Edgar! Some of his wonderful chocolate covered cherries (which my son promptly claimed as his own), yummy homemade Peach Jam (which thrilled my peach loving DH) and some of that delicious white chocolate bark that I love so much! It was the perfect end to an exhausting day! Thank you dear friend!

What with a busy weekend, feeling icky due to the weather and my broken toe caused by not looking where I was going there was no stitching for me this weekend. I decided to just rest. I did pick up some more threads so I won't run out while working on it.

I have been changing my mind almost every day about what 15 charts I want to stitch for the Crazy January Challenge! I wanted to work on a lot of designs I already have in my stash. I had 15 picked then thought I might to do more seasonal designs since I have so few of these done. I hate the thought of doing a beautiful cross stitch only to put it out once a year so I will choose a wall for these so that they can remain out year round. After all, our home decor is that of older Christmas colors and my Santa collection remains out year round also. My average number of yearly finishes is between 5-7 designs so I will be really pushing my needle to knock out more! Not all 15 will be seasonal but I am thinking there will now be more than first planned!

*update* I have my 15 charts planned out. Several will have to be ordered but will be well worth it! I will post them at a later time. Most of them will be small to medium but I may sneak in a larger one every so often!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I always enjoy your visits and comments. Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!


Catherine said...

What a wonderful surprise to come home to after such a busy day!!

Sorry to hear about your toe - hope it's feeling better!

Have a wonderful week!

Margaret said...

Lovely surprise from Edgar! Ouch on your toe! I had one once -- they're painful! Good luck with the challenge!

The Scarlett House said...

Oh Sherry, your goodies sound yummy. Good luck with your version of the challenge.

susan sullivan said...

No posting of your challenge list yet. Vonna posted her's. I haven't even started to look thru my stash yet as I just accepted this AM.
Sorry to hear about your toe. I fell in the back sandlot Thanksgiving week as I am walking challenged at times.
Happy Stitching!

Kathy said...

What a delightful surprise from Edgar. He really is a dear.

I hope your toe heals quickly. It must be sore after trying to get around in boots and regular shoes. Lots of soft comfy slippers and your stitching chair is what is needed for a bit. :)

Good luck with the challenge. I am going to try too but haven't even begun to think about which projects. I'll work on that during Christmas vacation. :) Otherwise I would change my mind 15 times before we start. LOL

Brigitte said...

Sherry, I have been doing the same with my 15 charts for the next year, and I'm not done yet, lol. It's a lot of fun to move them around. Looking forward to seeing your choice.

Teresa S. said...

I am looking forward to see what charts you have decided on. Hope the toe feels better soon!