Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birds and Stitches

It is almost time to make a trip to pick up some food for the birds! A lot of you know that I only feed the birds from the end of October through the first of June. This time table will feed them during the cold winter months and help them out during the busy nesting season of Spring. June through late October they are on their own with plenty of bugs and berries to feed on. It helps them and also my wallet! LOL. They are still around during the "off season" but not as centralized around the feeders all the time!

As I mentioned yesterday, I have had quite a time with VQ and all the darn frogs attacking! But I think I am finally on a smooth running course! All the color changes have been made so that won't be a problem any more!

I picked up a few new Christmas ornaments over the weekend! Nothing like some festive colors to make you feel good and they had some really cute ones just calling to me!

Thanks for stopping by to spend some time with me!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Photo Friday

It's Fall in our backyard!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two More Days

Yesterday I stitched some more on Victoria's Quaker and I feel like I have enough stitched to share a picture now. I am stitching it on Vintage Mocha 18 count Aida. I only made one color change by switching out the blue for green. Now it goes with my decor!

I received Best of Blessings in the mail yesterday! I totally love this design and the quote! I see another new start in the future! I would really like to get to the half way mark (at least) on AAFG and Victoria's Quaker though before starting anything else new.

There isn't alot of news around here right now which is fine with me! The weekend is almost here again! Two more days to go!

Thanks for stopping by to spend some time with me today!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Needed Rest and Catching Up

Wow! Did I need to get some catch up rest after the past several days! I have been sleeping in longer than usual the past couple of mornings! I will never complain about life being dull again! LOL! I totally lost track of the days last week and forgot to post my usual Photo Friday! Oops! Now that DH is back home and life is resuming some normalcy around here, I hope to be less fuzzy brained! LOL!

I was able to get a little stitching done during the Let's Stitch challenge week but not as much as I would have liked. I did work on my stitching though for the Friday night SAT and have posted a picture of my current progress!

Over the weekend, I was able to print out a few freebie charts, get a little bit of grocery shopping taken care of, pick up some needed threads and do a few necessary errands. The biggest part of my remaining order arrived over the weekend (Happy Dance!). I was able to kit up some more charts. I am still waiting on Best of Blessing by Hands to Work to arrive but I have the threads and fabric ready to go when it gets here!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Never Say Dull!

I have been MIA because the past several days have been anything but dull! Early Wednesday morning the doctor sent DH to the ER immediately where doctors and nurses (and a bed) were waiting for him when we arrived! He spent the majority of Wednesday in the ER then was moved to room to await them to take more tests on into Thursday. I spent both days running back and forth and being exhausted at night. All of his test came back normal so whatever is happening to him is still a mystery.

Because of the excitement, I didn't have much stitching time the past several days. Hopefully I will be able to get more done over the weekend! I did get an email saying that part of my remaining order has been shipped. After this, I will still be waiting on one chart and one other piece of fabric!

Instead of stitching update picture which I don't have right now, I will share a photo of a bit of Halloween decor!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dull Day

It always seems that once September rolls around, the remainder of the year just flies by! I used to think it was because of school starting back but my boys are no longer in school and these months still seem to speed by!

Not a lot of news to write about today. I stitched on AAFG again yesterday for a little while and then did some things around the house that had been waiting for my attention. After all the weekend stitching I did, it was time to give my eyes a rest.

I am getting really antsy waiting for the remainder part of my order to come in! Of course, I still have to make a trip to pick up threads before I can begin any of these!

I wanted to share a picture of one of my bushes changing into some beautiful Fall colors!

Monday, October 06, 2008

New Starts, Orders and Progress

I have been making some really good progress on AAFG thanks to the challenges and stitch a thons over at Let's Stitch! There are 14 sections in all. I plan to stitch on this piece some each week and get it finished up now that I have worked on it again!

My orders are beginning to slowly trickle in. Kind Fond Love by The Sampler Company arrived on Thursday and so did my JCS ornament issue! And yes, I see plenty of ornaments I want to stitch up! The four blueberry bushes I ordered on sale in the Spring (they were out of stock and would not ship again until Fall) finally came in and have been planted! Here's hoping for plenty of yummy blueberries next season! Saturday's mail delivered Old Shaker Tune, Quaker Seasons, Quilt Square blocks leaflet, Quakers and Quilts and some fabrics. About half of the fabrics I ordered were out of stock and are on backorder. I am hoping there isn't a long wait for them as there are several I need to start on some of new charts!

After making a list of my unstitched charts, I made a list of charts I am most interested in working on. There are quite a few but here is a list of the NEW STARTS I would like to begin before the end of the year (which really isn't very far away).

1. Quakers and Quilts - need to get threads
2. Quaker Seasons - need to get threads
3. Kind Fond Love - need to get threads
4. Best of Blessings - waiting for chart to arrive
5. Victoria's Quaker - still waiting on fabric needed

Friday, October 03, 2008

Photo Friday

Of course, we had to visit the Battleship North Carolina while in Wilmington. Once again, it was a very humbling experience to imagine the men that lived and died on these very decks during wartime.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cooler Days a coming!

I am behind many other bloggers in acknowledging October as Breast Cancer Month. My aunt is a survivor of it and I have a friend who was diagnosed. Earlier this year, I was afraid I would join the ranks of women diagnosed every day when they found a lump. I went in my for my test (digital) and had the results before I left the building. I was fine but at that moment it hit home just how terribly important is to be tested each year! Please get checked!

I was so happy when I decided on my theme for the MM&I SAL. I wanted my neighborhood to just ooze folk art. I really have no worries that I will get what I need before the designated time but I am already working on LHN Little House Neighborhood and HOHRH and want to start on VOHRH in the future. Where in heaven's name would I put yet another neighborhood? After all, our house isn't all that big! We have a limited amount of wall space and I still have so many other goodies waiting to be stitched and framed to hang! Then I read about Lisa's theme! Basket houses! I was kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner! I am notorious for putting little pillows and other goodies in baskets or bowls to set around the house! She has given me the green light to use her idea and I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted! I can stitch each folk art house, make a tiny pillow out of it and display it all in a lovely basket if I choose to go this way!

I decided to count my unstitched charts last night. The grand total is 87 which includes the new ones coming in but doesn't include all the freebies, magazine charts or the mounds of Christmas ornament chart books I have accumulated! I know I won't be able to make much of a dent by the end of 2008, but my goal is to steadily see this number get lower! I have 30 of these on a list that I am really interested in working on first and foremost. As they say, slow and steady wins the race! So this will definitely mean that procrastinating must be a thing of the past!

Today I wanted to show off a bit of progress I am making on AAFG. It is coming along so much more smoothly now and I am really enjoying working on it again!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Goals. Past and Present.

I stitched on AAFG again yesterday and I am really starting to see some progress! Section two is coming along much more smoothly now.

Happy October to everyone! Time to recap my September goals and list my goals for October!

Good Things by Notforgotten Farm
JCS ornament

Little House Neighborhood by LHN

Made Progress On
Little House Neighborhood

September Goals

1. Work on WIPS - YES
2. Keep working on quitting smoking - YES
3. Christmas stitches - YES
4. Continue to build up my thread stash - YES
5. Begin a new stitch - YES
6. Keep my blog as current as possible - YES
7. Enjoy my stitching! Very important! - YES
8. Don't over stitch and irritate eye problems - YES
9. Choose 1 or 2 WIP for Monthly Focus stitches - YES
10. Eat healthier - YES
11. Work on fabric stash - NO
12. Walk more - Walking but not over doing it
13. Tea Dye fabrics - DID SOME
14. Work on pieces for wall of samplers - YES
15. Stay within stitching budget - LOL!
16. Work on designing my Neighborhood - SORT OF

September Focus WIPS

1. Good Things by Notforgotten Farms - FINISHED
2. Little House Neighborhood by LHN - YES

October Goals

1. Continue to work on quitting smoking
2. Stitch on WIPs
3. Continue to build thread stash
4. Start a new stitch
5. Start some smalls
6. Keep my blog current
7. Exercise
8. Continue to build fabric stash
9. Place stitching order
10. Eat Healthy
11. Finish up at least 1 WIP
12. Join the challenges and SAT at Let's Stitch

October Focus WIPs

1. And A Forest Grew
2. Little House Nieghborhood

No stitching pics today. Instead a cute tree frog we saw peaking out at us while in Wilmington!