Sunday, August 05, 2012

Summer Stuff

It's August and I can't help but wonder where did most of the summer go? Fall is around the corner and I couldn't be happier! Hopefully it will bring a little relief from this horrible heat and humidity we have been having! Summer has not held a lot of exciting news around here. Grocery shopping and regular errands never take a break and hot humid day with a rain shower most evenings. A little container gardening on the deck, some birdwatching and taking care of some long over due projects on the house. If we take any type of traveling vacation, we both like to wait until right after Labor Day. The crowds are gone and the weather is still nice.

Other than taking care of the above mentioned, I have been busy stuffing my face with fresh from the market cherries my neighbor brought over to me! Yum! Of course I thought about making a pie or a cobbler and if I have enough left from my eating binge, I just might do that! lol.

While we were out over the weekend, I took advantage of a new shipment of seeds into the store for next spring! Once again - yum! I have made my list of plants and seeds I want to be sure to get. A lot of these are things I always told myself I wanted to try to grow one day. Well, I'm certainly not getting any younger so I may as well do it! lol.

After taking a stitching break I finally pulled out everything I needed for a new start. I am working on Liberty by Hands to Work. This chart has been in my stash for a very long time. It's among the first ones I bought when I was able to return to stitching (which I still count my blessings for). I am using 18ct. Fiddlers Cloth and I have made a lot of color changes.

I was thrilled to see some new followers to my blog and want to welcome you all! I always enjoy reading everyone's comments and finding new blogs to put on my reading list!


Margaret said...

Your new start is looking good! The cherries in our groceries seem to be past peak now, sadly. :(

Littlebit said...

Lovely new start and color changes!! I was just thinking today that fall seems around the corner..then the temp went sky high. I sure wish we could have some evening sprinkles about now!

marly said...

OOOoooh I like that sampler! And this year's crop of sweet cherries

Jeanne said...

Nice new start! I love cherries too, I could eat a pound quite easily. We are roasting right now in the desert but summer is halfway over at least. (It's still hot here in Sept).

niceoshoes said...
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