Saturday, July 21, 2012

Old Bones

We have been getting storms every evening for about a week now. Sometimes, twice a day! It has helped the temperatures and my plants! My River Birch seems to be standing taller and has a perky look to it! My water guzzling mints are taller and fuller. All the birdhouses are empty now. Baby birds have flown on. I still hear a few cheeps and peeps from one of our larger trees but even with my zoom, I can't find the nest. Several missed photo opportunities lately were an owl flying over low one evening after being scared by some fireworks and a young Peregrine Falcon that stopped to rest for only a moment in one of our trees. I hate missing shots like these!

Problem. We replaced the blinds in our bedroom. We bought a different brand and then I put up some sheers over them. Sounds pretty and easy enough. But now the bedroom has that Winter light all the time. The kind of grayish white light when there is snow on the ground and the skies have that cold gray look. I see a bedroom makeover in the future and I know just what I want to do! I can already see DH rolling his eyes! lol.

While we were on a clean out and downsize roll, a corner in our bedroom became available. I quickly claimed it as mine and am now shopping around for a stitching chair to put there. My own little get-a-way corner! It will be perfect for this Winter too since I won't have to drag my quilts into another room for cuddling up. Cross your fingers for me to find the perfect chair soon!

I haven't really decided on my next new start. I have plenty to choose from but after seeing a seeing a sneak peak of Heartstring Samplery's upcoming new releases, I am holding off a bit and waiting for several of them!

Ok, I know I'm getting older. My kids laugh at my out of date phrases like "Cool. Totally Awesome. Bummer." and more. Then they turn around, hold out their fingers in a V sign and say "Peace out". lol. Uhhhhh duh! lol.

The other day I ran up to the corner convenience store to grab several items. It's a local store and you often see the same people over and over up there. I was walking to the door and a younger man ahead of me opened the door. He stood there holding it open for several seconds while waiting for my old bones to get there (I guess I could have picked up my step and walked a little faster for him).

When I walked through the door, I looked at him, smiled and said thank you very much. His reaction totally floored me! He tipped his baseball cap to me, smiled and politely said "no problem, mam." Mam! He called me Mam! OMG! I told DH about it and he laughed all the way home. This is the kind of thing I used to do for people I thought were over the hill! Of course I still do it but not because of that dang age ridden hill anymore! Since then, it seems like I have noticed a lot of similar things happening! *oy vey!*

Thanks for stopping by! I always enjoy your visits and comments!


Daffycat said...

ROFLOL - you old lady, you!

Margaret said...

lol! Yes, I think we're all getting over the hill! I know I'm feeling it more all the time. But I'd rather feel it and not have someone make me feel it! Dear dear! lol! Good luck finding a good stitching chair for your bedroom corner. That's where my stitching chair is -- in a corner of my bedroom. I love it there!

marly said...

I've been called ma'am for a long time, but I've also been called worse. I think that eye roll thing is a male trait and they all seem to have it along with the dropped head shake.

Penny said...

I always have mixed feelings about being called ma'am. On the one hand, I'm always pleasantly surprised that someone is that polite but on the other hand, I feel slightly insulted. :) Hope you can find that perfect stitching chair!

Anonymous said...
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