Thursday, August 16, 2012

Feed Those Birds

You know me and my birds so I just couldn't resist listing some Autumn bird watching tips!

1. Don't wait until the really cold weather to start feeding the birds again. There are still plenty of berries and insects but now is the time to begin because they are already shopping around for yards to frequent and stay close to for the upcoming cooler months that are close.

2. Several things that will attract them over the Autumn and keep them close during the Winter are a good buffet of various feeders. Also try putting out several trays on the ground (I use large terra cotta pot saucers) for the ground feeding birds. Use a variety of seeds, unshelled peanuts, dried fruits and dried corn to keep them all happy. Some birds prefer ground-level feeding locations; others would rather be several feet off the ground.

3. Don't have a suet feeder? Try smearing the suet or peanut butter onto the bark of a tree or simply break up the suet and put in a bowl to set out for the birds. Don't hesitate to make a birdfeeder with pinecones, peanut butter and seeds like when you were little. It works and the birds will love you for it!

4. Keep those bird baths full with clean water. Even a few old shallow pots or bowls set around with water are good. Birds don't care about how much you spend to do it. They just appreciate that you do it. Period.

5. If you have bird houses and/or roosting pockets, clean them out and get them ready for shelter on those chilly Autumn nights and even colder Winter time. No bird houses? You can still provide shelter. A pile of twigs, logs and old leaves really make for comfy cozy lodging.

6. After you have taken care of the basics, sit back and enjoy watching the birds.

Now is the time to put out the word to your feathered friends that your yard is a good place to be over the upcoming seasons!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your tips! Myself and my boyfriend started a few bird feeders over the summer and now we get all kinds of birds (chickadee's, blue jays, finches, etc.) Would love to keep them as long as possible!

I especially like the pinecone bird feeder idea. I might just try that.



Anonymous said...

Super tips for attracting and feeding birds! We start feeding them in late fall due to the bears.

Robin in Virginia

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Great tips! I love seeing the birds in winter so will heed your advice!

Margaret said...

Great tips! Thanks so much.

Catherine said...

Great reminders for our feathered friends!

Shirlee said...

I enjoy watching the birds so much : ) Thank you for the tips!

Tracey said...

Thanks for these tips! These reminded me that I want to get a bird feeder! :)

Anonymous said...
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