Monday, January 24, 2011

When Does It End?

What a long weekend we had! First of all our computer died on us! We took it in to be fixed and they said it was working like new again but when we got home and set it back up, it was a different story! We took it back in and told them to just save a few things on CD for us and we ended up computer shopping! You would think that with no computer I would have spent more time stitching but that didn't happen.

It's been quite awhile since we had a new computer so we are still learning all the new gadgets and gizmos that have been added since then. Not to mention that computers have changed so much since we last bought one that alot of our existing software will not work with the new models! When does this madness end? No pictures on this post because we are still getting everything set up on this computer!

On the weather side, we had several days with temps that were pretty nice for this time of year but the cold is back and they are even calling for more snow early on in the week! Scientists are saying that all this wonky weather is definitely global warming and we can except our current weather conditions to be the new normal! That would mean (for us) longer hotter summers, longer colder winters and very little autumn or spring! I don't think I like that very much.

Market is coming up soon and I have come to realize that I get way too excited over new releases! I am like a child in a candy store running from isle to isle while yelling "I want it. I want it!" so I have decided to let my spurt of wonder and amazement run it's course before ordering! It's either that or we may be forced to move because of the all the charts taking over! *wink* I have already calculated that I will have to live to the age of 150 to complete even part what I now have waiting to be done! lol.

I am so anxious to start on Marianne Wenn from Needleprint! I hate to leave awwr as a WIP but I just have to set it aside for a bit. Maybe it is startitus fever or it could just be feeling antsy but I need something new. I have my fabric and threads for Marianne. I have changed a few colors. Some of the colors were just a little too harsh for me so I made some substitutions. I will be getting a large size Q-snap to accommodate her and hope it arrives soon.

I will be using 18ct. aida which will be make the finished piece 14x13. Not too bad and I hate to stitch on anything out of my comfort zone or I end up putting it down and this piece definitely deserves to be completed in all her glory! I just love everything about this piece! Like Terri, I am going to be switching out some of the colors. I am not very good at rotations but I don't want to get antsy or frustrated while working on Marianne so I may try a small rotation to keep things fresh and moving along.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your visits and comments always brighten my day. Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Margaret said...

Oh wow! Everything is breaking down around you! lol! Well, I hope you enjoy the new computer. Once you settle in with it, I bet you'll like it. I think it's fine to move on to Marianne Wenn too. I'm having the same problem -- I hate to leave Frances Eden, but I'm tempted to start something else. lol! And yes, I'm exactly the same way with market. I really really have to limit myself this year. I have to. I always say that, but I really do this time. lol! Fingers crossed we both manage to restrain ourselves so we don't run out of room in our houses!

Peggy Lee said...

Hope you are up and running smoothly with your new computer soon. I'm so lucky that my husband is computer savvy because I most assuredly am NOT!!

I've never been to a "market" as I've read so much about. I am sure I would behave badly if I went.

Deb said...

When it rains, it pours doesn't it. But Yahoo on the new computers. I know there is always a learning curve with those. Marianne Wenn is a wondeerful piece and I'll look forward to seeing your start on it. And I don't even want to think about market - I'm trying to finish up a "few" things I have in stash. But I know I'll look... and I'll probably buy!!

Kathy said...

I hope you are able to figure out all the belss and whistles on your new computer soon.

I know what you mena about market and stash. I know of a few things that are coming out that I MUST have but I am trying not to look at too many. If I don't see I won't want it. At least I hope so. :)

And I am with you about enough winter and snow and cold and ice. Sigh. I really am tired of winter and we still have two months to go. :(

Oh well. I'll try and look at the positive side. Bad weather doesn mean more time indoors to stitch.

mainely stitching said...

Hope everything goes much more smoothly now!

Roberta said...

Good luck with your new computer - it is always like going 'where no man has gone before' for me.

Yes, market can be so dangerous.

Littlebit said...

Have you seen that commercial where the woman throws the computer out the top floor window? Well, that would be me if I didn't have a computer savvy husband..the problem with him is, his answer is always to buy a new computer. LOL!

I have to shut my eyes to the new stuff coming out! But you go right ahead and be a bad girl at market, ok? LOL!

Jeanne said...

Good luck with the computer.I'm so fortunate that my DH is very computer-savvy so I have my own "24-hr Tech Support" all the time LOL. We have 2 computers and 2 laptops and everything is networked together with printers etc. If anything ever happens to him I'll have to hire someone!

I know what you mean about start-itis and new patterns. I keep a wishlist on my computer and I recently went through it -some things had been on there years already so I figured if I got by that long without them I could delete them and make room for new ones. I know in reality I will never get all my stash stitched but I am happy just having it and deluding myself about how much I'll get done every year. Sometimes you need to step away from a project for awhile and do something new.

Siobhan said...

Agh, sorry to hear about the computer woes--but enjoy the new one!

I hear you about Market. I keep trying to tell myself that I love what I'm working on now (which I do) and I don't HAVE to get everything right away. My bday is in June and I'd love it if I could wait till then to get some of the stuff, using my birthday discount. But then I think of some of the things coming out & start to hyperventilate.

Can't wait to see some pics of your Marianne!