Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We have snow! It was so beautiful to see when I woke up this morning and the light white flakes are still falling - heavy at times. The bad part is that we are also waiting on freezing rain and sleet to add a sheet of ice over the snow. Snow is pretty. Ice is bad! I am hoping that Harold gets to come home from work early before the roads get extra hazerdous.

I don't really have a lot of exciting news to share on this post. Over the weekend I did venture out into the cold so that I could get my hair trimmed up. What a difference a few snips made! I feel like a person again.

It seems like one thing or another has happened since the first of the year and my stitching has suffered for it. I feel awful about not being able to get a start on my crazy challenge and it is already the 10th of the month! We had to take the car in for some major repairs but I guess it could have been worse. Then another pipe busted under the house! More repairs and only several days after the first leak! Where is our good luck?

My cold is better or I just haven't noticed it as much with all the other things happening around here. Hopefully I will have some stitching to show very soon. Thanks so much for stopping by again! Your visits and comments always make my day brighter!


Catherine said...

Do stay safe and warm!!

Margaret said...

I hope you don't get much ice. Ice is so scary! We're supposed to get more snow Tuesday night into Wednesday. I'm sick of snow already. lol! Glad the cold is feeling better. Bummer about all the repairs and stuff. Ugh.

Deb said...

I hope that you don't get the ice. That has to be the worst thing that can happen. Glad to hear that your cold is better, but how awful about all the repairs. I hope you don't see anything more like that for the rest of the year!

Kathy said...

I'm glad your cold is feeling better. Now while the snow is pretty to look at just stay inside and stay warm. :) That's the best place to be on a snow day.

I do hope your share of broken things is done for the year. :)

Siobhan said...

Stay safe and warm, Sherry! I hope things settle down so that you can stitch. Bad weather is a perfect excuse to hunker down and stitch!

Littlebit said...

Hey Sherry! I hope you're feeling better..busted pipe, cold, not to mention the weather. I say stay warm, cuddle up, and stitch! :)