Sunday, January 30, 2011

Conversions and Gizmos

Another weekend has come and (almost) gone and was just as busy as most others but not quite as busy as some I can remember! We got our grocery shopping out of the way and did a few errands. On Saturday, DH went to his yearly Bob Fest (similar to a needlework market but for astronomers and founded by 3 guys all named Bob. Thus the name).

On the weather side, we have had a lovely weekend with pleasant temperatures but just how long will this last during this time of the year. It's like we are getting teased with a taste of early Spring.

Everyone has been showing their conversions for Marianne Wenn so I thought I would join the party. It took awhile to get them all together and feel comfortable with my choices but this is it. Of course, I may toss in an extra color now and then just because I feel it needs something. I have also pulled out Seek Joy by NNF (I might change a few colors on this one too.) to work on as well so that I don't get frustrated with Marianne! I made another run to pick up some more threads for both pieces so I will have plenty. I am hoping to start on her this week.

Here is the conversion I used.

DMC 906 - changed to DMC 471
DMC 725 - changed to DMC 729
DMC 312 - not changed
DMC 3818 - changed to DMC 987
DMC 433 - changed to DMC 839
DMC 844 - changed to 310
DMC 744 - changed to DMC 676
DMC 304 - changed to DMC 815
DMC 890 - not changed
DMC 3761 - changed to DMC 799
DMC 3863 - not changed
DMC 3713 - changed to DMC 152
DMC 3706 - changed to DMC 356
DMC 842 - changed to DMC 372

Once in a while, Harold will see a picture of a sampler and fall in love with it himself. Such was the case when I showed him pictures of Marianne Wenn and Guarding Eden. Usually, he shrugs his shoulders and says "don't you have enough to work on" but this time I could see that special gleam in his eye and the awe in his voice when he asked "you want to do these? How long will they take?" He's hooked!

Luckily Harold is good with computers and gadgets so he spent an evening showing me how to download my pictures to this new computer. Now I can post them on my blog once again! I am still learning all the new gizmos. I'm not big on change but obviously the computer companies are. With my luck, once I get settled in and comfortable, it will time for this one to give out!


Siobhan said...

Nice conversion, Sherry! I can't wait to see some progress pics. ;)

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your conversion looks great, Sherry! I am just itching to get started but must finish toiling down on the farm, first!

Margaret said...

Oh that looks like a nice conversion! Thanks for sharing it! Now I need to see it stitched. Get going. lol! Sounds like Harold wants you to too! Nice that he's found a couple of samplers he really likes. That's never going to happen with my DH.

Jan said...

The conversion looks very pretty, Sherry and definitely better then what was recommended!

How wonderful of Harold to lend a hand and aide you in getting pics uploaded! Bake him something heavenly!:)

Susan said...

I'm waiting for the stitchy pics to see the color changes as I didn't pull colors.
Hope your weather holds good for you - we expect rain here.

Happy Stitching!

Deb said...

I'm going to make note of your conversion as I hope to stitching Marianne one of these days. It seems like a lot of people aren't happy with the called for threads.