Monday, July 06, 2009

Good Morning!

For several months running, I have forgotten to post my goals (past and present). Oh well, for now I need to give myself a break! I will start listing and posting them again in the early Fall.

I hope everyone had a long and enjoyable Holiday weekend! We did some our usual errands and routines but nothing special (unless grocery shopping counts. Nawwww!). We cooked out, watched some movies and enjoyed some neighborhood fireworks from the front porch.

I took some time off from stitching to help Harold with repairs on the front porch rails. We ran into a few minor problems that were fixed easily enough until--------- we realized that the majority of the wood was just rotten and it all needs to be replaced! *big hard heavy sigh* The joys of being a homeowner!

In the meantime, I was able to get some more done on my recent work in progress. After all my bragging about not having any problems with my hands, I overworked them with more yardwork and stitching than usual and both hands had a bad flare up so I had to slow it down a bit over the weekend.
Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!


Margaret said...

Nice WIP! Bummer about the front porch -- isn't it true about the joys of owning a home! Sorry you had a flare=up with your hands and wrists. In a way it's good though -- now you know your limits, right? I'm still glad they're better in general!

Joy said...

Your WIP is looking lovely. It's difficult not overworking the hands and wrists when they're feeling good, isn't it? Hopefully, in a day or two you'll be good to go.

Carolyn NC said...

Sorry about the flare-up - hope you're able to pick back up and keep stitching. Lovely progress!