Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Giveaway and Happy Places

There really isn't a lot of exciting and fun news to report on right now. I am already sick of this hot weather (although our July 4th weekend turned out nice and comfortable). Usually when July comes around, I am so ready for Fall and try to satisfy my desire for this season by surrounding myself with any and everything Fall. Of course I can't pull out the sweaters just yet but notice that I changed my blog template! Actually, I enjoy all the Seasons. I can just tolerate some longer than others. Summer is definitely on my "short" list with all the heat and humidity!

How do I start off my mornings? Why with a cup of coffee, of course and reading my stitching blogs while enjoying them. There are also a couple of other blogs I especially enjoy. Daisy Cottage and Birdnest Cottage. Wander on over and visit them!

I am going to have a different type of giveaway this time. It's not anything stitching or craft related. In the past I have mentioned how I enjoy collecting miniature books. I realized that I recently bought one that I already have. I could take it back to the store for a refund or just exchange it but what fun would that be! I have alot more now than what the picture shows and I think I will leave the book as a surprise!

Leave a comment on this post only by Friday, July 10 at 9pm EST stating that you would like your name to be entered in the drawing for this. Make sure you leave a link to your blog or an email address so that I contact you if you are the winner! The winner will be annnounced on Monday.


Becky K in OK said...

Please enter me into your contest. I like your new blog background.

Margaret said...

Oh miniature books are great! thanks for the giveaway! :D I tell you, this summer has been so weird. Never too warm, often rainy and humid, way too cloudy! Bleagh!

Holly said...

One can never have too many books...or surprises...:o)

Please enter me in your giveaway.

Thanks so much,

Vonna said...

I read both Daisy Cottage and Birdnest Cottage too! :)
I can tolerate summer a whole lot better if it wouldn't be so darn hot! LOL!
I'd love to be entered for the minature book too! Thank you! :)

Daffycat said...

I'm so tired of summer too. The weather guy said yesterday we are now losing one minute of daylight every day...that means autumn can't be too far away, can it?

I love mini books too! Please enter me in your giveaway!

Gretchen said...


Thank you so very much for your sweet words about my blog. I'm so glad you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it.


Anonymous said...

Please enter me in your drawing.
Nothing like a cup of coffee and reading blogs.

Love the books. I am a summer reader.