Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stitching and Stashing

I have been rather bad about my blogging lately. Either there hasn't been much happening, too much happening and keeping me extremely busy or my hands have been giving me an awful fit! I just hate how weak my hands feel when I have to open a new jar of mayonnaise (for instance)! I usually let one of my sons do it for me while they roll their eyes in the "Good Grief, how pitiful is she" way.

I still plan to have a give a way this month! I haven't forgotten! Speaking of giveaways, Edgar is having a blogiversary giveaway so check it out!

The tree is still standing for now. The guys who were going to remove it got behind on a few jobs and then we had some serious thunder storms with lots of rain so hopefully it will be our turn soon.

I pulled out Rubie Owl's Sampler by Plum Street Samplers, got everything ready and decided to start on Bird in the Bower by PSS instead. Since I stitch on Aida (because of eye strain) and not all designs are Aida friendly, I usually do a quick scan over the pattern to make sure I don't get 3/4 finished then whammo, I run into a road block (so to speak). Everything looks fine on Rubie Owl's except for maybe the owl's eyes. I am not too worried about these though. I love the colors of Rubie Owl's so much that I just don't know if I can hold off on it much longer no matter what!

I know that linen is "the" fabric to use now but there are still plenty of us Aida stitchers left. As I said before, most designs are Aida friendly but it would be very helpful if designers would make a statement on the cover of the design to let the buyer know before getting it home, opened and even started if the design is Aida friendly or totally designed to be used with linen. Just a thought.

I have been doing some online window shopping for stitching fabrics lately. I have a large container full but I probably need more! LOL. I also have a list of designs I want to get! I never got to the fabric store last weekend for the rest of my quilting fabrics so hopefully that can be taken care of next time we are out and down that way of town.


Siobhan said...

Your WIP looks great so far, Sherry. I'm sorry to hear that your hands are still giving you so much trouble. :(

Margaret said...

I love your WIP! Hope the hands get better -- such a bummer.

Garden Girl said...

Very nice start on Ruby, Sherry. I love all of those PSS charts, too. And I'll tell you something else ~ I have seen some of the most beautiful needlework lately that has been worked on Aida, so you Aida stitchers have no need to apologize.
Hope your hands feel better very soon!

Littlebit said...

Sherry, I want to do Bird in the Bower too. I love it! And how's the quilting? :-) I'm sorry to hear your hands are giving you so much trouble.

CindyMae said...

Your WIP is looking amazing! Wonderful progress!