Monday, May 04, 2009

Goals and Recap

We had another extra long weekend. I am getting spoiled! I just love having Harold home! Thursday looked very overcast and gloomy the first part of the day and I had ANOTHER doctor appointment! The skies were having a hard time making of their mind between overcast and sunny the remainder of the weekend.

It's May! Time for a re-cap of April's goals and a new list of goals for this month! This may just be the month for another give-a-way since I haven't done one in awhile so keep watching!


1. Start new stitch - YES
2. Remain smoke free - YES
3. Eat Healthy - Well, we all have our weaknesses!
4. Exercise - YES
5. Buy frames - YES
6. Weed around backyard islands - YES
7. Plant sunflower seeds - NO
8. Follow my rotation schedule better - Not really
9. Keep birdfeeders full - YES
10. Put out several new birdhouses - NO
11. Finish two pieces - No but I did finish one
12. Buy and put out grape vines - YES
13. Place order - YES
14. Add to thread stash - YES
15. Add to Aida stash - NO
16. Ok! Ok! Start on Spring Cleaning - YES
17. Put out tomato plants - NO
18. Make appointment for our eye exams - NOT YET

Focus Pieces
1. This is the Day
2. Lauren's Voice


1. Add to thread stash
2. Add to Aida stash
3. Finish at least one piece
4. Finish off at least one completed piece
5. Keep birdfeeders full this last month
6. Frame pieces and add to wall
7. Buy frames
8. Exercise
9. Remain smoke free
10. Eat Healthy
11. Weed around islands
12. Add to fabric stash for quilt top
13. Begin cutting and piecing for quilt top
14. Plant sunflower seeds
15. Begin a new stitching design
16. Make eye appointment
17. Work on This is the Day
18. Work on Lauren's Voice
19. Place stitching order

Focus Pieces
1. Quilt top
2. This is the Day

Sorry, but no pictures today! Thank you so much for dropping by. I just love your visits! Until next time - stay safe, stay happy and stay well!


Julie's Keepsakes said...

Congrats on ALL your progress, especially remaining smoke free. I know how difficult this can be. Not a week goes by that I don't think about smoking, but it does get better. August will be 3 years for me. My DH just celebrated 1 year.

Good luck with your May goals!

Sharon said...

Wow - what a lot of "yes's" on your accomplishes list! Impressive - REALLY impressive!! :)