Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Catch-up

My eyes finally began to feel a little better over the week-end. I just hate it when they give me a hard time. I can't seem to make DH understand that there is no pain involved. It just feels like someone keeps throwing handfuls of sand into my eyes. A very gritty feeling that makes me want to constantly rub them only that gets them more irritated!

On Saturday I worked in the yard for awhile and got some weeding taken care of. Not exactly my favorite thing to do but it was calling to me very loudly! LOL! After this I think I will wait for the weeds to just die back then add some more mulch and/or fallen leaves to the beds which can also be referred to as the lazy way out! I couldn't stay out there long as Harold decided to mow the lawn and all that grass flying around in the air just wasn't agreeing me very well.

I am still trying to debate on my next stitching start. I know I would like to do a few ornaments. Quick and something I have wanted to work on for awhile but I would also like to have a larger WIP. No hurry. I have time to decide!

While we were on our trip I drank my fair share of Micky D's iced coffee! Definitely a refreshing and yummy treat!


"Magnolia" said...

I'm glad your eyes are starting to feel a little better, Sherry. Maybe you have chronic dry eye? (Those Restasis commercials stick with a person, don't they? LOL)

I'm waiting for a lot of the weeds around my yard to die out, too. Lots to do this Fall.

YUM, coffee in any form is my kinda treat!

Irene said...

McD's Iced coffee looks refreshing.