Monday, September 22, 2008

After the Weekend

I went out for a few short errands over the weekend. I really didn't want DH driving very much and tried to just keep him at home to get plenty of rest. I bought some more threads and I picked up some things for DH to tinker with over the weekend so he wouldn't get bored.

All in all, it was a just a relaxing stay at home weekend. I managed to get some more done on Little House Neighborhood. I probably could have gotten more done but I had to take time out for taking out a entire row that was off a stitch!

I found "And A Forest Grew" in the bottom of a basket (unfinished of course) so that has been re-added to my WIP list. All these big pieces on my WIP list make me want to start some quick smaller pieces so I won't begin to feel so hopeless about finishing anything!

I worked on organizing my charts. Finally! I used 4 square bins with lids (big enough to store large quilt squares in). One bin holds holiday charts, magazines and small leaflets or books, Bin 2 holds charts I bought and still like but really don't want to stitch on anytime soon. Bin 3 holds charts I want to work on kitting up. Bin 4 holds the ones already kitted up. This system will make finding what I want a lot easier!


karenv said...

The house is looking good so far!

Teejay said...

Your progress looks wonderful.

When it comes to large projects just keep in mind that every little bit adds to getting it finished. Whenever I am working on one of my large pieces I tell myself I do not need to be in a hurry, it will be done when it is done. Besides, I hate paying for getting them framed so the longer it takes, the longer I am putting off paying to have it framed and yes, I must have (some of) them framed as soon as I finish them. I do work on it a little each day though instead of once a week.

Irene said...

The house looks so cute on it's own !

Vonna said...

Great progress on your house! GO girl!
AND I love your system...I have one similar and it works for me ;o)