Monday, November 12, 2007

Just My Luck!

Until I get this thyroid mess straightened out, I am not going to worry about sticking to my rotation so rigidly! LOL! Like you haven't noticed that already! *wink* I will be working on them though! And I will be picking up some smalls to work on that will hopefully give me the kick in the pants I need to work on some of these larger pieces!

I finished up stitching my piece for the Cross Stitch Lottery! As I took my final stitch to bury the thread, I cut myself and before I realized it, a major part of the piece was covered in blood! OH NO! I tried to get it out the best I could but it was still too noticeable. That means I will be starting on another piece sometime soon! Actually, I am glad. I loved the picture of the finished piece on the chart but it just didn't stitch up as pretty as I had thought it would. I have ideas!

I recently found a designer whose work I love but it is near impossible to find! Why? She is retired. Just my luck! I guess by now you know that I am talking about Mary Garry. I cannot find even find any freebies on the web!!

Today's picture is an update of The Hunt Sampler.


Little Cat said...

What a shame about your finish. You seem to have seen the good in the bad though lol. I hope your finger is ok.

Vonna said...

That's terrible about your finished piece being ruined...I'm sorry!
Mary Garry...need to head to ebay :)

Michelle said...

That terrible that you cut yourself on your work. Hey, go to EBAY ~ I found Mary Garry stuff.

Barbara said...

Oh boy, I'm getting really scared to start my lottery piece - you are the second blogger I've read who's had an accident right at the end and had to start over! Take care, and I hope the cut heals quickly!

Mary Garry stuff on eBay is very expensive, I know from experience. I'm happy to share the couple of freebies I have if you'd like to contact me at (remove spaces) chatterton @ planet . nl

Garden Girl said...

Your Hunt Sampler is coming along nicely. It is ironic that you posted about your finish being ruined with the photo of the Hunt. When I was about 3/4ths done with the Hunt Sampler a couple of years ago, I spilled red wine all over it & it couldn't be saved ~ not even in a distressed mode! I laugh about it now, but I was just sick at the time. One of these days I will do it again. (And I don't stitch with red wine anywhere near me anymore! LOL )