Friday, June 01, 2007

Feeling Good!

What gets your blood pumping? Is it a passion? A secret? Maybe it's a little of everything! Here are a few things that really keep me on my toes!

Sales! I love a good sale and saving a few pennies to stash away for a rainy day! Whether it be scrapbooking supplies, groceries or anything else I need -- let it be on sale!!

Words! I love single words! I just got some of Heidi Swapp's new one word stamps that I can't wait to use!

Cooking! I really enjoy to cook when I have a good recipe, all the ingredients and the kitchen to myself!

Blogs! I just love to read them! I often forget to leave comments but I do read them! I love to keep up with my online friends daily lives and see what they are up to personally and creatively!
Mini Books! I love the look of these and the whole idea of having smaller scrapbooks for certain things! I just don't do them as often as I wish I did! Maybe I should work on changing that! How do you decide what topic to use on a MB? Do you only do holidays or seasons? Certain people like your kids? Do you break out of the box and find a fun and different topic or do you just do whatever comes to you with no certain topic or theme?

Stamps! For while it was stickers. Then rub ons. Oh, I still love and use both of these but for now my blood really gets pumping when I shop for stamps! Clear stamps, rubber stamps or any ol' stamp! *GRIN*

Photography! When I have my camera in tow, my eyes are always alert and watching for that special picture opportunity! And what a wonderful feeling to download a picture that completely takes my breath away!

Style! Granted, my basic style is simple but every once and awhile I feel dangerous! Not enough so to completely change my style but enough to add some extra splashes color or a few surprises that are out of the box for me!

Sketches! Recently, I have really been getting into these! And it is so nice to use these instead of moving things around for 3 hours while looking for the perfect layout design!

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