Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where Did the Time Go?

What is the glue that holds you together?

Everyone has something (or several somethings) that help them keep sanity and reality in focus. An interest. A hobby. A job. A passion. For some it is reading. For others it may be more hands on like gardening.

My glue consists of many ingredients.

1. Creativity - an absolute must. If I go too long without it, I feel incomplete.
2. Nature - there is so much to absorb and it has such a restful effect on me
3. Details - I love to look for details as we are out riding around!
4. Family - especially on a good day when everyone is home and content. Whether we are interacting or not, we are still together.
5. History. I love a good historical tour or day trip! Just soaking up history and feeling connected with the past!

Do you ever feel like you are standing still in time and not accomplishing a single dang thing? I sure do! I just realized that my third anniversary to online scrapping is approaching and I have not achieved the goals I had set myself back then! That really makes me sad and also pretty darn mad with myself! What the heck have I been doing? Time to get my tushie busy and start really concentrating on accomplishing (or trying to accomplish) some of these!

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