Monday, February 08, 2016

More Trees And a Few Birds!

Well, here it is another new month. Another new week. Another new blog post. And I still have my trusty coffee with me through it all! I am feeling pretty good about myself and the fact that I have been keeping up with my blogging after that long lull. I realize just how much I enjoy it.

I have had trouble with my email and have been getting a lot of notices that people are sending me emails that cannot be delivered. So I sent each person an email explaining the problem. THEN I find out that Blogger or Google is trying to send me a copy of the comments I leave on other blogs and THAT is the email that cannot be delivered! Pssst. So to those of you who got a strange email from me, I wish I had found this out sooner. To Blogger and/or Google, cut it out!

I was able to get some stitching done on AAFG. I was a little more careful this time and stopped working on it when the hand cramps started instead of pushing myself onward and making them worse.  

I got some stitching time in on And Heaven and Nature Sing. I am enjoying stitching this design!

 A surprise to myself, I pulled out Backyard Birds by La D Da and got some more done on it also! A wonderful Springtime piece.

We had some lovely weather last weekend and the first part of the week. There are buds on the trees and the birds were singing like it was Spring! I loved it. The feeders were empty from the birds gathering for food during the snow storm we had a couple of weeks ago. Before I could get myself up and out the door to fill them all up again, my husband comes in and tells me that he has already done it for me! It's those little things..........  

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!


Robin in Virginia said...

Your pieces are looking good. What kind of wooden hoop are you using? Very nice that your husband refilled the bird feeders. Enjoy your week, Sherry!

Brigitte said...

I was also out early this morning filling the bird feeders as it snowed again last night. Only 4 inches but enough to give the birds some seeds. And right now I see them gathering from all over the place. I like to watch them.
You made some nice progress on your projects. The LA-D-DA one is also in my stash, very beautiful.

Margaret said...

Love seeing your WIPs. Everything is so pretty! I keep saying we need to get bird feeders, but we never do.

Maggee said...

Great progress on all three pieces--they all are so pretty! I just filled a couple of feeders that seemed low... just in case it snows today/tonite! They should be set! My hubby will help me if I ask... but he is not feeling so good today. Staying away from him! Hugs!