Monday, January 04, 2016

Life Really DOES Go On!

As many of you know I was diagnosed with a life threatening form of Vasculitis in September 2013. Vasculitis is inflammation of the veins and arteries and can invade your vital organs, depending on what type of Vasculitis you have and the severity.

I still remember the day I was told of the diagnosis and told I should get my affairs in order. My husband and I drove home in a state of shock. I turned to him and said "What did she say that I have? All I heard was life threatening." I had never heard of this auto immune disorder before.

The past several years have been a period of learning for me. Learning that I can't do everything I once did anymore. Even on my good days I have to limit what I do or my body will pay dearly for it. I have learned to listen to my body and know when I need to rest.

 I learned to change my priorities. Knowing that you have a life threatening illness can change everything. You can either live in denial or accept it and move on as best you can. I chose to move on. I have learned to balance my emotions by remaining as positive as I can.

I have learned that things I never thought would happen to me, can and very possibly will because of the Vasculitis. So far this past year I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and a total hip replacement. Both because of the Vasculitis.

I have also learned that the good days are precious and I appreciate each one of them more than I ever did before. I have learned to find joy in the little things that I never noticed before. Each day is blessing for me. It is what I choose instead of feeling grief over the life I left behind.

I am not perfect. I am only human. I still have my bad days when breathing is a challenge or one of my many other symptoms (or other auto immune disorders) rears it's ugly head. Occasionally, I have a pity party where I cry for hours and wonder "why me?".  But when all is said and done, I realize how lucky I am that it is not worse and how grateful I am to still be here.

I still have my stitching to comfort me and keep me calm. I still have my backyard birds to serenade me and I still have my blog that waits patiently for those good days when I can post updates! I still have my faith which only grows stronger every day now. I still have my friends and family who stand by me (even if they don't totally understand it all) because they care. Most of all I have my wonderful husband who helps me, sits with me during treatments and is always there to support me in silence and I couldn't do it without him.

I know this is a lot about me and something that many of you have never heard of before now but if I can touch one person who has it or make one person who has never heard of it aware of it then I have succeeded.

I realize that this is was started as a blog for my hobbies and I promise to keep it that way. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read about my life. You are all very special to me which is why I wanted to share this with you. 

Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.  


Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Sherry, it is your blog and no matter what you share it is yours and yours alone to share or hold back.
No apologizes to anyone! If people don't want to read it - they can click exit. 10 years I've had my blog and it has had its ups and downs...but I tell you this: one thing I have learned this past year is to focus on the happiness I get from it and hopefully give to others... and to heck with the people that want to rain on my parade.

I ENJOY reading a blog and knowing what is going on in other people's lives. From my look at it, it seems a whole lot of people agree with me. This world has gotten cold and impersonal and too politically correct. Bad things happen to good people and I want to celebrate those good people and let them know that they are loved and appreciated.

Your diagnosis is not a good one, but you can do this, you are strong and you have support of a fabulous husband and good friends. You've got this! We are all pulling and praying for you!

Robin in Virginia said...

I want to second what Vonna wrote. This is your blog and you should be able to share whatever you want to share. I wish you peace and joy in 2016. Thinking of you!

Heritage Hall said...

Another factor in we read what you choose to disclose, we can whisper
a prayer for you because we have been made aware.... which is what I just did this
morning, Sherry. You inspire me with your candor and faith...bless you.

Melissa said...

Thank you for this lovely blog post. I am sorry to hear of your health situation but it also sounds like you are doing the best you can and with a positive attitude. Wishing you all the best for 2016, Sherry!

Dawn said...

Agree with everything Vonna expressed. One day at a time....enjoy the journey. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Hugs!

Loraine said...

What a vision of strength you are! I am so sorry for your illness, but what an inspiration you are to me to hear how you are choosing to accept your life circumstances. May you be blessed with lots of great days this year and lots of love from your family. Big hugs to you!

stitchersanon said...

You share away. I really needed to read this today. I got cancer four years ago and can empathise with you completely and while I'm so far ok, in remission, it is just as important to remember we can have those emotional days when we just want to hide away and give up, but that we also need those amazing days when everything is a blessing. And hand on heart, while I would not wish this journey on anyone, people like you and I, we learn to love and appreciate simplest of things and life is such a wonderful privaledge. I try to live a day at a time, or during difficult times, even an hour or a minute at a time. I hope 2016 brings healing and peace. I'm sure you are learning to do the same. So, chin up, shoulders back and big girl knickers lead the way xxx

Kath said...

Great post Sherry. It is good to share these things and your blog is your blog. We here in stitchyland are a pretty good bunch on the whole and support one another through all kinds of ups and downs and whatever goes around. You have not given up and yes, we all have good days and bad. It is how we handle them that matters. Keep your spirits up, take joy in the small things, they are often the big things. Xx

marly said...

Connecting the person to their craft, makes us appreciate and see their work as an extension of themselves. I am sorry your health is jeopardized by this diagnosis, and admire you for your honest sharing of your feelings. Wishing you many good days and better tomorrows.

Maggee said...

As I read this, I made a note to stop and pray for you. You didn't need to share, but personally I am glad you did, so that I can keep you on my heart... I am a breast cancer survivor, and have been through lots also. Attitude is so very important! Keep up the stitching as you can, the bird watching should brighten any day, and still blog (again, as you can!) --we will be here to encourage and lift you up! Big Hugs!

Margaret said...

It's good to see a post from you. I've often wondered how you were doing. I hope your disease gives you lots of good days. Prayers are being said for you and for your DH too. Lots of hugs.

Brigitte said...

So sorry to hear about your health, Sherry. But I hope you have more better days than bad ones. And concerning your blog - just write whatever you want and whenever you want. There are always blog friends out there who hear you and who support you. I'm sending good thoughts to you and your DH.