Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Some of my stitching fabric has arrived and some of it is on back order but should be arriving soon.I was catching up on some blog reading and on more than one blog I saw a sampler that made my tongue hang out as I drooled. Margaret Cottam by La D Da. This is a picture from  Maude and Mozart and was taken at Country Sampler. It is one of the many pictures I have seen of this design. I debated on whether I needed another BAP in my stash but in the end, I could envision it hanging on my dining area sampler wall and I caved!

DH decided to reward me for my efforts in quitting smoking. I have to brag a little and say yes, I am proud of myself. There are some days I just want to light one up sooooo badly but I get through it. I have quit before and made long term promises to myself and others that I would NEVER smoke again. Ha! That never seemed to work so this time there were no promises. Just taking it one day at a time. Oh, back to my reward for not spending all that money on those devil weeds. A new stitching chair for the bedroom! I have been wanting one back there for some time for those times I want to escape for some privacy.

We are getting ready to start some work on the house. You know, those things that build up over the years. Something happens and you say "oh, that's not big. It can wait." Twenty years of saying that really adds up and one day you realize that you have one honker of a long honey-do list! Since my first choice is not do-able right now (selling this place and getting a smaller place for just me and dh) we will opt for choice #2 and do some of the more important things on that list.

I have finished stitching on Primitive Adam and Eve by Country Rustic Primitives. On the last day, my hands were swollen, stiff and cramping but I saw how close I was to finishing and trudged on. Now I have a wonderful finish and I can let my hands rest up for several days before a new start! I love all the red and I am looking forward to adding another A&E to the sampler wall.

While we were out puttering around town, I picked up a new tomato pin cushion. If you read my blog, you know I really fried green tomatoes so a green tomato pincushion will be right at home among the others! I also picked up several magazines and a darling new journal! I love all the bugs and butterflies on the cover. This may be my "what's happening outdoors" journal.

I was feeling sort of blue that my chickadee family had all flown the nest. I had not seen the goldfinch babies and parents at my feeders in a while either. My backyard had gone from buzzing with activity to being a ghost town of sorts. Even those pesky squirrels who try to eat up all my birdseed were no where to be seen. I was thinking about how much I wanted another family of birds to nest in our yard when I heard babies! A group of baby birds all chirping at once. I focused in on the sound and saw a moma wren at my feeder getting some food then fly off into a clump of shrubs at the back of our yard. You may remember hearing me say that I have a soft spot in my heart for wrens. The leaves on the shrubs where the nest was would shake and tremble with delight as she fed them. The babies would once again all chime in with their anxious "feed me first" chirps. All is good. I have babies in my backyard and I am happy. DH helped me put up two more birdhouses!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I wish you a happy Mother's Day whether you are being waited on or waiting on someone else!


Maggee said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! How good that there are still some birdies in your yard! I really enjoy watching the birds in the spring after the long winter! Your journal is gorgeous--have fun filling it! Good luck on that sampler... it WILL look good on the wall, this is true... Hugs!

Margaret said...

I'm glad you went for Margaret cottam. She's so pretty. Love your a&e finish too. Good luck with keeping up with the no smoking. Love your reward. Good luck also with the house stuff.

Glenna said...

Good for you for stopping smoking! I love your idea of getting a new chair as a reward, and maybe that will work for me for losing weight. (Nothing else seems to...) I liked M&M's photo of Margaret Cottam too, and I've been thinking of starting it too.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Congratulations! It is tough, but it can be done. I passed three years last November.

escortinpune said...
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