Monday, May 06, 2013

Frames and Things

The weather is so iffy these days. Cool then warm. Sunny day then several rainy ones with that cloudy overcast chill. I try to get outside and do some container gardening and enjoy watching the birds as much as possible. Our backyard is jumping with all the nesting! Baby gold finches, baby purple house finches and baby mourning doves take their turns at my feeders. A chickadee family is nesting in one of my birdhouses and a bluebird couple is building a nest in another of my birdhouses to raise a clan of their own! I am getting over the case of shingles that surprised me a few weeks ago. I do not remember ever having chicken pox so over the years of hearing all the shingle horror stories, I was pretty cocky and sure I would never get it. Boom! I got shingles so I guess I did have chicken pox as a child!

I picked up some framing and am thrilled with the outcome! She did a wonderful job on them! I picked up several but will show them one post at a time so I don't overload on pictures! Here is Baby, It's Cold Outside by Heartstring Samplery. I love the frame, too.

How many sampler walls do you have? I am working on building up three for now (no pictures until after we paint and hang everything back up). One in my dining area and two in my bedroom. Of course, there are a few pieces scattered through out the house on various walls by themselves.

I finished up Sarah Schall by Heartstring Samplery on May 1st. I used 18 count Aida and stayed with the recommended colors. No changes this time! Isn't she beautiful! I do have to say that Fido looks like a devil dog with that red eye! Maybe I should change that one thing. Sort of creeps me out.

I sorted out my stash into groups based on which walls they would be stitched for then put them in individual boxes. Most of them are already kitted up. Since it is May and the month of Mother's Day, I pulled out my Mother's Tree sampler to work on. I am working from the bottom up and am currently on my grandmother's name. After her, 5 more generations to stitch! For some reason, this sampler seems to be scraping my nerves but I know I will treasure it so that makes it all worthwhile!

I placed an order for several school girl type samplers that I liked but a big part of my order consisted of fabric. I know I have plenty of fabric to last a while but each time I go through my stash, I panic. What if I run out of fabric before I can complete them all? What if the stores stop carrying the type I like or the manufacturers stop making the color I prefer! Good grief! Talk about a melt down! Get a grip, old gal! lol.
Thanks so much for stopping by and not giving up me and my blog! I always enjoy your visits and am thrilled to see new followers to my blog as well!


Margaret said...

Love your framing and your sampler too! lol about the devil dog! If it bothers you, change it! Sorry about the shingles. Yuck. I got chicken pox when I was in college. Not fun.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Shingles--yuck--keeping good thoughts for you, they are very painful.

Your stitching is lovely (even the devil dog) Your sampler walls sound lovely

Jeanne said...

Great to see your framing Shari! I am working on Baby It's Cold Outside right now and loving it. Hope to get mine framed this summer sometime. I'm so sorry to hear you had a bout of shingles....I've been avoiding the doctor for some time but that vaccine I see advertised is on my mind to ask about. I wonder if it really works or not. I had chickenpox as a kid and my dad had shingles - I don't want them.

Maggee said...

I have not had chicken pox (or so I was told!) so maybe I will be spared that malady! I hope that you recover soon! LOVE the frame on Baby It's Cold Outside. Nice pick! And your Sampler is great! Hugs!

escortinpune said...
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