Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Has it Been That Long?

I have been MIA from blogging for a lot longer than I realized. A lot has been going on around here since December. Too much. I have tried to keep up with reading my usual blogs but no postings for myself or leaving comments on others. I have ignored my challenges to date. Life hit us hard this year and a lot earlier than expected. I feel like we were left behind in the race.

2011 went out with what I thought was the flu and 2012 came in with it. I just cherished the moments I could drop into my chair and let my poor weak body go limp. I thought I could nurse myself back to health. Bad idea. Maybe it's been the dreary yucky weather. That's always a good scapegoat. DH had a near brush with going to the hospital again but a few days off work with some rest took care of the problem. DH and I both have a lot of problems with allergies during the months of December, January and February so that could be a big part of the problem. We have had everything around here so far this winter from colds to strep throat and lots more!

Before I got the nasties, I did finish up Parson Brown and will have a picture to share after I get some energy back! I had not done any stitching since finishing up PB and finally picked up a small freebie by Daffycat. I just love it!

I couldn't wait to start PSS Favorite Spot Sampler! It has been kitted and ready since my birthday back in December. I finally picked it up to start on. A slow start with all the sickness around here but a start just the same. I have a stack of more smalls set out to do over the year. Not really how I had planned my list of stitching for the year but que sera.

Now, I have a problem. I know I have always said that I preferred framing my finished goodies but after going to my LNS last month and seeing all the scrumptious pillows, I am having second thoughts about some of these items. Of course the smalls will be little pillows placed in a bowl but there are a few others I can vision as larger pillows taking their place of honor on the dining room bench but I can also vision a special winter wall. Woe is me. Decisions. Decisions.

After all my stitching plans for this year, I finally made a biggie. I already have several large WIPs and anymore before finishing these would only cloud my mind so for now, I plan to stick with smalls and medium size designs (while working on the WIPs in between). No sense in clouding my mind more than it already is!

I'm not big on Valentine's Day which lets DH off the hook with no worries and February is always a dreary hard month for me. My mother's birthday would be this month and I try to get past the day (and entire month) as quickly and best I can. For a short month though, it sure does seem to drag on. We never know if March will bring an early Spring or a late snow but we can count on those longer days that come with Daylight Savings Time. A sure sign that Spring is just around the corner.

I decided to take a day and clear out my stash. I have so many that I know I will never get around to working on. They are lovely but they always take a back seat to other designs when I go through it all. No sense being a hoarder and feeling guilty about not working on them. Besides, even if I were to ever to finish them all I have no idea where I would put them! It's time to be strong and just do it! Plus that gives me a guilt free conscious to add a little bit of new stash every now and then! Speaking of which, I just placed my first order for the year. Mainly smalls since I really don't have that many.

Which brings me to several questions. How do you store your patterns? Size? Designers? Theme? Also, do you collect certain patterns, theme or designers? I realized that I collect about everything but I never considered myself a pattern collector (even though I have enough to open a small store) but I have recently noticed there are several designers and themes I insist hanging on to no matter what. Another collection is born!

Our winter has been milder than usual this year which to me is a blessing because I always dread the sleet and ice which is more common around here than a pretty snowfall. I had a nice surprise yesterday when walking outside. My Japanese Red Maple tree is budding. It's always so pretty and a real spirit lifter to see those tiny red buds covering the branches but on the other hand, it is not uncommon to have some really icky winter weather not long after the trees begin to don their Spring wear.

Enough rambling for now but I had alot of lost time to catch up on. Thanks for not giving up on me and stopping by to visit.


Peggy Lee said...

Hang in there my friend...warmer days are just ahead!

Catherine said...

Spring is coming! Like Peggy said, hang in there! I to have too many patterns!! I need to start offering some to my fellow bloggers I guess. There are some that I will never part with, even if I never stitch them. Organized stash? That's a dream for me right now!

Maggee said...

Welcome back! Hope you and hubby stay healthy now! Hugs!

barbara said...

Good to hear from you, but so sorry to hear it's been such a yucky start to the year. I hope better days are just around the corner.

I store my patterns alphabetically by designer, and within the designer's section I try to arrange them chronologically. It's the wanna-be librarian in me. ;)

Margaret said...

Sorry you all have been under the weather. Hope you're all healthy and feeling better now. It's definitely that time of year.

Deb said...

Sorry to hear that you've been feeling so bad. We've had the same thing going on around here and it's not been fun.

I store my charts in those plastic sheets and then place them in binders alphabetically by designer and then alphabetically by chart name. I also keep a spreadsheet in my computer for easy access to know whether I have a chart or not.

Jeanne said...

I almost emailed you last week to see if you were alright as I've missed your blogging Sherry. Sorry you have been ill. DH and I went round with it during the holidays ourselves with DH having to go on steroids for a bit even. It's been a nasty winter for colds & flu I think.

I am doing a lot of concentrating on smalls myself this year...too may little things I have let sit for years when they could be done in a week or two. I have plenty of big WIPs that are years old so trying not to start any big projects for awhile.

I have more patterns than I care to admit to in public! I keep them inventoried in an Excel spreadsheet but they are stored in hanging folders in a file cabinet. I have folders by designer mostly but also categories like "Misc Holiday", "Misc Quakers", "Misc Samplers", "Freebies" etc. I also have a folder on my computer for digital patterns - free and purchased. I love my stash and the reality is I still want to stitch 99% of it! I finally am starting to part with patterns already stitched at last, selling, trading, or giving away.

Good luck with your organizing and hope things start looking up soon.

Marjorie said...

I know how you feel...I've never been into Valentine's day and this time of year just seems very blah. Hang in there!

lynda said...

It's so good to see you blogging again! I'm sorry that you've had such a rough few months. Hopefully, spring is just around the corner and will bring better days.

Daffycat said...

Glad to see you back, Sherry. Sorry to hear you've all been ill. Thrilled to know you chose MY design to start out with *squee*

Siobhán said...

I'm sorry to hear that things have been stinky--I hope you're feeling better!

As far as organizing my stash, oh, you silly lady, you! ;) I have it organized in terms of "what I will stitch now", "what I hope to stitch soon", and "what I can't get rid of but don't plan to stitch any time soon". BBD, CHS & A&Es do have their own bulging folders, but that's as close to organization as I get.

Shelleen said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. I also go through my stash once a year. I have a huge tall filing cabinet for all my charts and mags. The top drawer is sorted by favorite designers. the second drawer is sorted by theme. The 3rd drawer has all my magazines sorted by years. I can't remember what is in the 4th drawer. I do want to get all my HAEDs in there and sort by SK, QS and then maybe designers. Or maybe I should just do it by designers.

Susan said...

Sherry, I group by designer and that seems to work. I do have 2 baskets full of kits that I have put together in a holding zone and they are in no special order. I just browse through and find something to stitch. I do have a large stash too - need to reduce it.

Happy Stitching!