Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy October!

Fall has arrived this weekend in the South. The weather has said that the warmer temps will return next week so far now I will enjoy the crisp cooler days and flannel pajamas at night. DH has been working those odd hours again that totally throw my internal calendar out of whack. I don't get a lot of stitching accomplished when he works these hours so I don't have any new progress photos to show off.

Every now and then when I become over envious of everyone's beautiful stitching on linen, I will pull out my 28ct. Monaco fabric to practice on. I keep hoping that one day my eyes will miraculously develop perfect vision again on their own whim and I will be able to turn out the same stunning work on this beautiful fabric. Oh, I'm not complaining because for so many years I unable to stitch at all but it can't hurt to try every so often. Right?

OMG! What was I thinking! I got it all set up and ready to put a few xxxxx's in. I went cross eyed in no time flat and had blurry vision for over 10 minutes. DH kept looking at me funny and finally asked why I was blinking so much! Maybe after I eventually have eye surgery I can try again but not now! So, I will visit blogs and drool over everyone's masterpieces on linen. As for me, Aida has been with me since the beginning and I can still count (literally) on it.

What WIPs do I have in my basket now? Marianne and The Mother's Tree are my current ones. The ones I saw alone and forgotten are A Weary World Rejoices by Shakespeare Peddler (which was nearing it's end when I set it down & pictured below) and AAFG by Rosewood Manor (which I have been working on for about 5 years now. OMG!) It might even be a good center piece to put into an A&E wall. I am about half way finished with that one. It's a fun stitch but it does get tedious.

My neighbor and I love to watch the hummingbirds during our daily chats out in the yard. She has several feeders and her yard is always full of the little friendly ones but I don't have a feeder this year and I miss them terribly. The other day, she came knocking at my door with a present for me! A hummingbird feeder. How sweet of her! Now I can drink my morning coffee on the deck and enjoy their flights! Below is a picture of my first visitor!

I played around with my pincushion collection, wanting to show them off as showcase worthy as possible. I found an old glass cookie jar, empty in the cupboard and decided to use it for now. My favorite one is an old red velvet like material. It was my first pincushion as a new wife and has been used over and over until it is now soft, faded, worn and stuffed with memories of quilting, last minute repairs on an item before someone left for school or work, homemade Halloween costumes, crafts for school projects and much more. Even though the others are also loaded with pins, I always reach for this one first. Some things just feel right.

Thanks for stopping by! Your visits and comments make my day brighter!


Margaret said...

Love your stitching! What fun that you have hummingbirds hanging around when you and your neighbor talk. I love hummingbirds! That pincushion is gorgeous!

Peggy Lee said...

Masterchief and I just arrived in New Jersey yesterday to start those crazy hours! It will all be over come mid November...can't wait!
We had about 4 hummingbirds left at our feeders when we left home. We love to watch them. We had three feeders out.
Beautiful stitching!

mainely stitching said...

What a great pincushion. And congratulations with Weary World ... I really want to do that one this winter. :)

Siobhan said...

I loved seeing your hummingbird photo! We had one of those feeders and only attracted ants. :P

Your stitching is gorgeous! I forgot about that sampler--definitely one that I want to do! Sweet pin cushion, too!

Sorry to hear about the problems you've had stitching on linen. IMHO, stitching is stitching and if you can see aida and enjoy it--go for it! My friend did her Mouline Rouge on aida with DMC 498 and it is STUNNING.

Jeanne said...

well that must be very frustrating with the eyesight. I have my troubles too but wiht magnification I can do most counts although I never try anything more than 40 and even 40 sometimes is difficult for me even with the magnification. It's tough getting older! Your projects are lovely though Shari. We have lots of hummingbirds in our yard and they are always fun to watch.

Sherry :o) said...

Aren't nice neighbors a wonderful gift?! I love your pincushion and that you have used it all these years.