Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

Things are back to usual around here. DH finally finished up with those awful wonky hours he was working. Yea! Over the weekend while cleaning out some drawers I found some of my old journals (actual writing type) and a few of them were not even half full so I decided to pick up my daily writings again. I love my blog and hearing from all my wonderful blogland friends but something about pen in hand satisfies my soul. It was fun to read some past writings as well. Speaking of cleaning out drawers, it felt good to get around to this task. Geesh, all the junk that accumulates over time! Didn't I just do this not too long ago?

While we ran around over the weekend, trying to catch up on errands that had been shoved aside to a later time while DH worked those stinky hours I was able to finally get my hair trimmed. Thank Goodness! I was beginning to feel and look like a witch on her worst hair day! All I needed was a few missing teeth and a cackeling laugh to complete the picture!

Then on we went to conquer more errands and of course, the grocery shopping. Every now and then my family gets on healthy kick. I mean they actually go overboard on it! No junk food at all! Healthy is good and I am happy to accommodate them but sometimes I want my chocolate and cheese straws so deal with it! The goodies get put away in a hiding place for my own private snack stash. After a few days of total health food, they usually begin to crave something sweet or "junky" so they sift through my goodies accompanied by a remark like "you only buy the good food for yourself"! *rolling eyes*

Lately I have noticed that the skin on my neck is starting sag. Ugh! Another sign of getting older! I pulled out my night time firming cream and have used it for awhile. Maybe it's just me and my wishful thinking but it seems to be working! As I get older I have noticed traits of loved ones showing up. I took a close up shot of Edna. She looks pretty good in her golden years! A little bit of a double chin on her but the old gal has held up well.

As usual I have rummaged through my stash dreaming of a new start! Nothing new about that. Shame on me! Double shame on me! Unfortunately, I don't have any new stitching to show since the bursitis in my shoulder has been acting up lately. Not fun. Even the weight of a needle and repition of stitching hurts like crazy! Thank goodness, with the help of some meds, that is all over now!

Thanks for stopping by again! I always enjoy your visits and comments!


Margaret said...

I'm glad your shoulder is feeling better. No fun not to be able to stitch because of pain! Neat that you found your old journals too. I know what you mean about pen in hand. I still love going to stationery stores, don't you? :D I desperately need a haircut too, but I'm always too lazy to go. I should bite the bullet!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh very lovely

marylin from France

Siobhan said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bursitis acting up again! I'm glad to hear that things are getting back to normal for you, though!