Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where is That Camera?

Right now, the news is pretty slim around here. More storms, more heavy winds, more power outages, more trees down, blah, blah, blah! Seems like the same ol' stuff since earlier this Spring! Other than that, we have been having some nice Fall weather - for a few days anyway. I have even found myself pulling out a sweater or sweatshirt in the early mornings and evenings after the sun goes down.

Life is pretty much the same around here. No recent trips to share. No winning lottery ticket to get excited about. Nothing out of the ordinary. Our anniversary came and went with no big celebrations. Just the acknowledgement that we are getting older! DH had his birthday and luckily the cakes were a success. Thank goodness. I always hold my breath when I make that icing. So does he since he loves it so much and I only make it once a year.

After a quick "look see" of my stash, I put together an order (that are still on hold). Several charts I have wanted (but don't know when I will get around to them) and fabrics. I usually keep a good supply of fabrics so I don't have to worry about having the right color, size or running low. I have been lax on doing that lately and my fabric supply is beginning to dwindle. I just can't have that.

Isn't it funny how a lot of the stitching designs you like developed by watching the progress of other stitcher's work? I was never a big A&E fan. I liked looking at the finished designs but never had the urge to make them a regular part of my routine. We all know of several big A&E fans in our blog community and after seeing so much of their beautiful work on the famous couple, I finally did a piece of my own last year. I liked it. After going through my stash, I was surprised to see that I have at least 5 other A&E designs waiting for their turn at the needle! Plus there are several more on my wish list. How did that happen? They just snuck up on me!

I am drastically losing weight! And I'm not trying to. No exercise programs to shed the pounds. I still eat just as always. I still stuff down those donuts, calorie rich cakes and other sweet treats along with my meals but the weight just keeps falling off. I told DH that I don't like being over weight but I don't like being this thin either. I can see my rib cage. I know my standard weight that I am comfortable at. Last time I lost this much weight, I had new babies and I could see the logic. We lived in a house with a lot of steps and I was doing twice the work running around to take care of them and using those steps a lot more than I had. This time I am totally baffled. Last year at this time, my goal was to lose 20 pounds. Now my goal is to gain 20 pounds! LOL.

I hope to get the camera back from DH soon so I can post some pictures. I keep asking for it and he keeps forgetting to get it out for me.

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits and comments.


Margaret said...

The weather has just been awful, hasn't it? We're just getting over the cleanup from Irene now ourselves. One thing after another. Glad you're into A&E's now. lol! As for the weight -- you might want to have a doctor check your thyroid levels?? Just a thought. Being hyperthyroidic can drop your weight so it's something to think about.

mainely stitching said...

I wish we could swap those 20 lbs! It does not seem to matter what I do. But I hope you are in good health and that all is well.

carolm said...


Sherry :o) said...

I agree with Carolm...I would check it out with a doctor. If it's nothing, great! Lord knows I can stand to loose 20 more pounds. But if it's something, you can catch it earlier and fix it.

Hopefully all the weather will calm down soon! It's been different kinds of horrible weather for so many of us here in the U.S.

Catherine said...

Ditto to what others have already said!