Sunday, September 18, 2011

I See Fall

Glimpses of red and yellow are showing up in trees. The mornings and evenings are sweater weather cool. The sun is setting earlier and in the mornings I see a new shadow cast by our Japanese Red Maple indicating shifts in the sun by a different season. Fall is on it's way! Time to pull out my cozy flannel lounging PJs.

My dr. seems to agree with my conclusion about the weight loss. Nothing major or life threatening. My orders are to keep eating until I begin to put on the pounds then back to my regular daily diet as I get to my normal weight! So for now, bring on the cakes, the pies, fried foods and all the other yummies!

I finally got the camera back from DH so I could post a picture of my current progress on Marianne. I did make several mistakes on her already but by the time I noticed them, the damage was done. I could frog them out and possibly lose my enthusiasm for stitching on her, chalk them up to uniqueness or even the Amish practice of intentionally inserting a mistake in their work to remind themselves that no one is perfect (a practice I admire). I chose the last option.

I also goofed on several color changes and am just not very pleased with their look but now that I have a "feel" for her, I don't think that will happen again. I hope. I am still debating on whether to frog those out and change the colors. I am hoping once I get more done on her, those colors will not stand out like a sore thumb (to my eyes, anyway).

There isn't a lot of progress to show on the Mother's Tree just yet. Those Old Script letters are taking some time and may not be as quick of a stitch as I had first thought. Especially since I am already longing to get back to Marianne!

For now my plan is to do two lines on the Mother's Tree, go back to Marianne for a while, do two more lines on the Mother's Tree and so on. Eventually they will get finished!

As I show my progress on this piece, I will block out some of the last names for security reasons. I am working from the bottom up which is something I usually don't do or like to do but I am frantically doing some extra last minute family history research for one last name to add at the top. I have 8 names which was my original goal but I just want more! Greedy me!

Since I'm not totally sure of the finished size yet, I am using a really big piece of fabric to play it safe. I have already gone past my anticipated width. Ugh.

I received a suggestion to stitch the names the person went by in a solid color. I liked that idea, so be it. Also, I am stitching the full given names of the ones I know. The rest of the names are stitched as the chart calls for. First letters of each name in a darker green with the remainder in a lighter green. I decided to only switch out two colors. Brown for the tree and my much needed red fix for the dates.

What are you working on or just dying to start on?

Thanks so much for stopping by to say! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


MoonBeam said...

Could you explain more about what names (who) would be listed on a Mother's Tree Sampler?

For example, I am lucky enough to be second oldest in living string of five generations, plus I know the names of two or three of my grandmother's predecessors.

Does this mean my sister and my grand daughter who is not in this line of mothers is not included?

Thanks for your input.


MoonBeam said...

P.S. Sorry for that long, confusing comment.

I am seeing signs of fall, too, and hope to photograph some of them today. Love the cooler temps.

mainely stitching said...

Certainly keep trucking on that first sampler despite your "personalizations" - there are no errors! :D

CalamityJr said...

I don't see anything jumping out at me from Marianne's photo. Just keep on with the choices you made, and I think you'll be very happy when she's finished!

Margaret said...

Both pieces look great! I love the typeface for the Mother's Tree Sampler, so neat. Glad the doctor gave you a good bill of health.

Margaret said...

Both pieces look great! I love the typeface for the Mother's Tree Sampler, so neat. Glad the doctor gave you a good bill of health.

Jules said...

Your WIPs are beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing more of your Mother's Tree!

Penny said...

Glad the doctor doesn't think your weight loss is anything serious. Marianne is looking so pretty! I'm working on too many things, but I am dying to begin Mary Gibson.