Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Same ol', Same ol'

The old saying tells us that bad luck comes in three's. So far this summer, our dishwasher has died so for now I am using the old standby method of handwashing in a sink full of sudsy water. Not something I want to do forever and we will get it fixed when we can but for now it has actually been soothing. As I stand at the sink and wash each cup or plate, I am flooded with memories of helping my mother with the same chore when I was younger. She would wash. I would dry. Sometimes I begged to help and other times she had to insist I get in there and do it.

Next on this round of bad luck, we got a flat tire that had to be repaired. We walked in to the tire shop, expecting some outrageous bill that would make us walk away mad and feeling like we had been taken advantage of. After the tire was repaired, we were handed the receipt. No charge. DH and I just looked at each other puzzled. No way. No one does work for free anymore. So we approached the counter and asked if they possibly made a mistake. Nope. They just smiled and said "tell your friends about us". Sure thing, you bet we will!

Bad luck #3 has yet to hit but if it's no worse than #1 and #2 we can say this was a mild round. But wait, maybe it already happened and we just didn't realize it! No harm, no foul.

Moving on to my hunt for family history, I hit a road block on my side of the family for now but found out some wonderful new information for DH's family history! I see a road trip in our near future! I could not wait to tell him all the news. He was just as excited to find it out.

We have another trip to make this month. It will be a hard weekend for me. The anniversary of my parent's deaths. The days fall side by side and I am going to visit the graves, make sure the care and upkeep is being taken of, put out some flowers and while there I always visit with my infant brothers buried just a few steps away. When I was younger, my mother would take me out to the cemetery with her to put flowers on their graves then she would go sit in the car and let me have some alone time to visit with them. I always missed not knowing them and having siblings. Little children commonly have imaginary playmates. Mine were my brothers.

Over the weekend we did our chores and errands. The lawn was mown just in time before a big wave of humidity hit the next day. The grocery shopping was done. No exercise program can beat this task for a good work out! Walking around the store, putting all the bags into car, taking them out and carrying them in then putting them all away when you get home! Stretch, bend, walk, lift weights (heavy bags of food), squat and repeat then fall into your chair totally exhausted and unwind with an ice cold beverage! And since we only shop every other week, we have twice the groceries and twice the workout! The rule of thumb at our house is that mom does NOT cook on grocery shopping day. Everyone fends for themselves. There is plenty of food and they are big boys. Make a sandwich, nuke some leftovers, whatever. Just don't ask me "what's for dinner". But they still do except for DH. He understands. Bless his heart.

Sunday was ours. No chores. No major errands. Just time. Time to sleep in a little later than usual. Time to get online and catch up on some reading or visit some favorite sites. Time to watch a movie. Time for doing absolutely nothing.

The picture posted is one of me and my dad taken years ago but brings back memories for me. Sorry for the lack of pictures again. I promise to make up for it very soon! Thanks for stopping by! Your visits and comments always make my day!


Margaret said...

I hope you have no more things breaking down. Like you said, maybe it was something small and you didn't notice! That's great about the no charge for the flat -- wow! Hope the trip to the cemetery is good. How sad that your siblings died as babies and you ended up an only child. But how beautiful that you and your mother always went to put flowers on their graves.

Julie M said...

Great post! I hope the dreaded 3rd has happened without you noticing!

Sherry :o) said...

My son has grown up an only child. He will be 18 this month...whew! I know at times he has been really lonely for a sibling or two, but it wasn't in God's plan, I guess. I am sorry you didn't know your brothers.

Looking forward to seeing pictures in the future, but gosh, I understand the camera hiding due to heat and humidity!! It's been awlful here in southern Michigan.

I don't mind washing dishes sometimes, the warm water and watching the out-of-doors is long a there are not lots of dishes LOL.

Jeanne said...

DH and I have been in a repair cycle for almost 6 months, I can't even count it all. Ever since we remodeled our bathrooms, it's like we're being punished LOL and all sorts of other unrelated things keep happening. I keep asking myself 'what's left that can break?' then I say a little prayer for the air conditioner!

Discount Tire has fixed several flats for me over the years with no charge - isn't it great when you get an unexpected little bonus.

Kathy said...

Ouch on the broken dishwasher and I am so glad the flat turned out so well. No charge! Wow, those things never happen to me. :) Let hope number 3 is so minor that you don't notice.
I too visit the cemetery often. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and great parents are all buried in the same two side by side cemeteries. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without decorating everyone for the season. It is something I have been doing since I was a little girl. I love cemeteries. Always so peaceful.
Good luck with the family research. Hope your road trip is helpful.