Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Thanks and Some Stitching

I hope everyone who celebrated the holiday had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was quite and different this year. I usually spend two days preparing all the food for the big meal but not this year. After a family crisis earlier in the week, my cooking mode was in low gear so we fixed something simple and had a quite time and best of all, no dishes to clean up. I think everyone really did miss that big meal though and I even told DH that I missed fixing it up but he laughed and said "don't worry. We'll let you fix it for Christmas!" lol. Bless his heart. As I sat stitching that night, I thought of all the things I was thankful for.

Did anyone hit the stores the day after Thanksgiving? I always stay away from the crowds on this day and keep in safety of my home. We did have to venture out to get a couple of small items but I guess all the wild crowds were gone by then because it was really no worse than a regular weekend errand run. Whew!
I took a stitching break after my last finish. I used the time to go through my stash and revise my 2011 stitching list. I like what I have on the list but doubt seriously all of them will get their turn at the needle but I will definitely be happy with the ones I do get completed. Most are already in my stash and only several will need to be ordered.

I felt like making my upcoming work something with a holiday theme. I pulled several kitted up designs then saw what I wanted to do. It really doesn't look Christmasy but the verse on it is part of my very favorite Christmas carol so that works for me. In case you are wondering, I have pulled A Weary World Rejoices by Shakespeare Peddler. This one was actually in my 2011 pile but having one less on my list is just fine by me! I may change a couple of the lighter colors to a darker version of the same shade so they will show up better on the fabric I am going to use. Once I get far enough along to show some progress, I will take a picture to share with everyone! I am setting my sights on having this one finished by the end of December so here's hoping I can stay on schedule!

Now it's time to start pulling out some of the Christmas decorations. It seems like I drag out less and less each year which is fine because less is more seems to fit like a glove these days. And with the holidays comes more busy days so if I don't seem to be around as much please know that I am reading your blogs on the sly because I can't bear to be apart from my dear stitching friends for too long!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits and comments. Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Margaret said...

Sometimes simple is good, right? Glad you had a good Thanksgiving in the end. I'll look forward to seeing your holiday stitching. I'm with you on the decorating. Every year I vote for an artificial tree and am voted down. lol! This year I have a feeling we'll have to go simpler just because of our little kitten -- who knows how she'll react to the tree? No breakables this year! lol! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sherry :o) said...

You know what, Sherry, I also take out less and less Christmas decorations each year - I don't really miss them much - I have only do one tree the last two years instead of one big one and one smallish one. I would rather stitch or read or spend time doing my cards/letters... Enjoy your weekend!

CalamityJr said...

Your house sounds like ours this year - only we went a step further! Every year my husband says let's eat out for Thanksgiving because it's too much work for me (meaning ME, not him), but our daughter loves tradition so we go with the big meal. Not this time! DD wasn't coming home, so we went to a steak house that served a beautiful buffet, hot foods coming from the kitchen instead of getting cold on the buffet, harp music... so relaxing and calm! And I have to say I have no regrets!

As far as the tree, DH isn't crazy about all the ornaments, so we just put a gazillion lights in and on a (smaller, the last few years) artificial (due to allergies) tree, and just sit in the peacefulness it puts out!

All the hecticness and overdoing really isn't necessary for complete enjoyment of the holidays, that's for sure.

Hazel said...

Simple and uncluttered sounds just what I need. xx

Carolyn NC said...

Simple sounds good sometimes, doesn't it? I love AWWR by SP - sounds like a great new start!

Barbara said...

Simple is best. :)

I actually wanted a big, crazy Thanksgiving (because it was our first back in America) but signals got crossed and it turned out to only be my Mom.

We also stay in the day after Thanksgiving. To each their own, but spending a day frantically shopping just sounds awful to me! LOL!!

Vonna said...

The older I get, the more I seem to think "Less is more" for real! And do you know that I honestly think my house looks prettier with just a few of my cherished decorations than what it looks all loaded down?! So I'm on the less is more wagon with you Sherry!
I hope that everything settles down for you and your family and you are able to have a most excellent Advent as we wait for the birth of our Saviour :)