Monday, November 29, 2010

New Start

Life is getting back to normal - sort of. It's an unspoken rule of thumb that after a crisis you wait on edge to see if something else is going to happen. Hopefully, the storm has passed with no other casualties.

I have made a list of everyone's favorite holiday sweets to make up. Cheese cookies, pecan balls and cream cheese bread. A few other yummies might get requested but for now, this sounds like enough to me and I will be doing good to these made!

My stitching is coming right along at a good pace. I am hoping to stay on schedule and have it finished up before the New Year. A few colors/shades have been changed to appeal more to my personal preference. I have been enjoying stitching this piece and have picked it up each day to work on since starting. That's a good sign!

The Christmas Bird Count is right around the corner. I always enjoy doing this. Put on a coat, venture outside and join me for it!

Thanks for stopping by!


Margaret said...

I like your new start! Very pretty! I hope everything stays calm for you now and the storm is over. :D

Sharon said...

What a pretty start - love the colors! I'd love to see your list of the yummies everyone requests! May you have a love-silled, stress-free season! :)

Hazel said...

Love the new start. Yumm the treats sound great. x

Brigitte said...

That's a nice start on your new piece. Looking forward to seeing it grow.
Will you show a picture of the Christmas treats once you have made them?