Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I have finally posted another update photo of The Sparrow. I picked it up again the other night and finished up the house, the woman, some more grass and the verse. Now I have the rest of the grass, the tree and the left vine left to finish off! Sorry it isn't a better photo.

Our weather has taken a turn for the very chilly side on the thermometer. The nights and mornings are downright cold! I love Winter as long as I can enjoy it through a window while in the warmth of my cozy stitching chair!

I have my list of 2010 stitches I want to complete before the end of the year and there are only several left after I finish The Sparrow but I am going to have to get my stitching fingers busy in order to meet my deadline! I never finish off as many pieces as my fellow stitchers but as Doris Day would say - Que Sera Sera! Here is my 2010 list as it stands right now. Some have been framed while others are still waiting for their touch of glory. As you can tell, I stitched pretty regular during the cold first months of the year then slacked off when the weather warmed up for summer. Of course, AMIAF was really big and took more time to wind up than the others. If my list isn't completely finished up by the end of the year, I will roll the remaining designs over to 2011.

My Home is Built in Glory - Finished in Jan. & framed
Early Candle Pocket - finished in Jan.
Margaret Pence - finished in Feb & framed
Thankful Wheeler - finished in March & framed
A Mind Independent & Free - finished in July
The Sparrow - in progress
Tall Pines - waiting to be done

I have started my 2011 list but nothing is ever written stone because as we all know, you either see something in your stash you forgot about, decide to finish up a UFO or something else entirely catches your eye (whether it be a new design or something from your stash). I will say that I would like to concentrate on doing more A&E designs along with more Winter themed designs. Of course I still hope to get several everyday samplers turned out as well during the year. Hopefully I won't get hit by the blahs as often next year so my stitching can roll right along at a productive pace! *fingers crossed*

While gathering up my 2011 patterns to be done & making my list of designs to order, I decided to just go through the whole lot and do some cleaning out of ones I have either finished off or just don't think I will ever get around to doing them. Sad as that is, I know someone else will be happy to give them a nice home so be looking for more giveaways in the near future.

On an excited note, I was one of the lucky winners in Jan's recent contest! I am so looking forward to the release of her Emma Rose Christmas design. I haven't even seen any of it yet but I I just know it will be a must have for my stash!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your visits and comments always brighten my day. Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


BeckySC said...

Happy Halloween Sherry :)
Your progress looks great-this is such a lovely design!
We have been quite chilly here too -but it feels so nice to me after the extremely hot weather we had all summer and most of fall :)
Have a great new week :)

Daffycat said...

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween, Sherry!

Margaret said...

Your Sparrow is lovely! I can't believe you're already finalizing 2010 and thinking of 2011. lol! I can't get over the fact that tomorrow is November 1!

Roberta said...

Hi Sherry - Happy Halloween, you are so right the cooler weather has definitely hit here in middle Georgia.

The Sparrow is coming along nicely and your did good with your stitching for 2010.

Good luck with 2011.

Kathy said...

I finally get to see what you are up to! :) For some reason I can't open your blog at work and the weekends tend to be pretty crazy.

The Sparrow looks gorgeous! And it sure look like you have finished a number of fabulous works this year. And you do know it's not the quantity but the quaility that counts. I'd say you are pretty heavy on quantity!

Carolyn NC said...

It's looking awesome!