Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nature Tells it All

The trees are beginning to bud which means one thing. We are going to have one more ice storm or a big snow! It seems whenever our trees begin to bud early this is what happens. Some people use Farmer's Almanac to check the weather, others just use the weather forecast. I use the trees and birds! You can always tell if inclement weather is on the horizon if the birds are dashing around almost in panic looking for food. *updated to add* The weather has confirmed that we will get a winter mix today meaning they just don't know for sure how much will be snow and how much will be ice!

I picked up this little table top trunk for keeping some of my WIPs in between working on them. Not really what I was looking for but I couldn't find what I wanted and this was on sale.

Besides the two charts my new LNS has ordered for me, I placed an order for several items online. I am trying to keep it down to a minimum and several are older designs I am finally getting around to adding to my stash. Of course, fabric was a must even though I seem to have more than enough for the moment. On my last visit to the LNS I picked up A&E by Primitive Needle which I have been wanting. I will introduce other things as they come in.

I have my own little yearly goal list and so far, I am doing pretty good despite all the unforseen "life happens" interruptions. I will be picking up A Mind again soon for her week of stitching. I would like to finish up my present WIP first though. I am about half done. I had to make a DMC run over the weekend because this piece really eats up the thread with all the frequent color changes.


Margaret said...

I am hoping hoping hoping that this last storm we had was the one you're talking about. lol! No more snow please!! We might get a bit of something too tomorrow. Right now, they don't seem to think much. I hope that's true! There are no signs of buds around here. Sigh. Love that little trunk!!!

Kathy said...

Gee I sure hope the weather people and your trees are wrong. I am so very tired of snow and ice, boots and coats. :)

I like your table top chest. I keep my wips in a basket. The chest would definitely be more practical and keep everything out of harms way. :) Or a floss stealing pup.

Catherine said...

We are finally seeing some spots of grass - very wet grass though! Spring can't come soon enough for me this year.

Love your table top trunk!

Deb said...

I think that Spring can't get here fast enough. But you are so right about the buds and birds. Seems that when they show up, a storm rears it's ugly head. Keeping fingers crossed that whatever you get is mild!

amy said...

Cute trunk!!

As for the buds....we are so far from buds yet. I think everyone is ready for spring to arrive and it needs to happen soon! We're seeing some bare brown grassy places in the yard but are expecting some bad weather next week. They haven't decided if it will be in the form of snow or rain yet.