Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Surprise

I thought I might be able to get a little stitching in since getting Harold back home but a very little is exactly what I have done so far! Between waiting on Harold, catching up around the house and trying to take care of a bug I caught (probably during one of my many visits to the hospital) I just haven't had time to do much. I was able to finish one tiny bird on the WIP if that helps any. lol. So many pieces have birds on them, it would be impossible to guess.

Harold has several doctor follow up appointments next week and we will probably know more by the end of the month whether Home Health Care will be permanent or just a temporary fixture around our house. I know he is scared but I keep telling him to think positive. He would have to give up his astronomy trips and I would have to give up my day/weekend trips (which I'm not ready to do). For now he is taking some time off work until we know a little more.

I have added a few things to my wishlist and hope to add some more to my trade list by the end of the month! I am getting excited by the few sneak peeks I have seen for Market this month. I will have to be very selective though.

Look what we woke up to! I wasn't ready for ice but a nice snow is always a fun surprise! I was able to get my errands done before it arrived and I even managed to remember to pick up some birdfood for my little backyard sweeties.

Thank you to my wonderful friends for all your comments of care and concern. They really do mean so much to me. Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Margaret said...

Sherry, I will continue to keep you and Harold in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he recovers well and the home health care isn't a permanent thing. I can imagine it's been hard to fit stitching in -- hope you feel better soon too! I can't believe how far south the snow is going this year! It's amazing, isn't it? We're getting nothing in comparison to what we usually get!

stitchinfiend said...

Beautiful snow pic. I pray that Harold will continue to improve and that the Home Health Care is only a temporary measure

Suzann said...

Just popping in to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Suzann (The Olive Cottage)

Siobhan said...

Beautiful winter photo, Sherry! I hope that the home health care is just a temporary measure for Harold.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Glad to hear the Harold is back home. Sending good thoughts and prayers for life to get back to normal for you, quickly.

Yes, the snow and ice were a surprise for some of us who live in the south, but it is just about gone here in Georgia.

Take care - Roberta

Julie M said...

Beautiful photo!

Continued thoughts and prayers for you and Harold!

Hope you are having a good V-day!