Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back and Cold!

I am back. I have been in a bad funk since the summer months with all that has been happening. I really haven't even been in much of Christmasy mood so far. This past week was pretty quite. I spent time reflecting on a lot of things and people. I took time to visit the blogs I enjoy reading so much. I had a quite birthday several days ago. It hurt to know I wouldn't be getting my Dad's usual call with a big boisterous version of Happy Birthday on the other end but I was happy to hear from several other loved ones. Harold surprised me by coming home early, we went out to eat some good comfort food then came back home and I climbed into my new snuggly jammies for the rest of the evening.

I worked on my stitching some over this past week and it is slowly moving along. I have promised myself that I will not be getting any new designs for awhile. I have 3 boxes of kitted up charts just waiting for their turn at the needle. I am still enjoying getting back into my scrapbooking / journaling / photography. It is good to get these thoughts and feelings down.

No snow in our weather yet but we have been having some mighty cold days and nights. I don't think my poor ol' nose has unthawed completely in a full week! The forecast is calling was calling for a winter mix in our area yesterday. We saw some snow and sleet while we were running some errands yesterday but this morning we woke up to see this. We had alot of ice last night while we slept. Ugh!

Everyone has blogging dry spells and I hope to be better about blogging now. Until next time, may you have simple days and uncluttered heart.


Margaret said...

Sherry, I've been finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year as well. I'm glad you had a nice birthday. I think the first birthday or Christmas without the presence of a loved one is very hard. As for the ice -- bleagh! That's the sort of weather that just worries me! Be careful! Stay inside if you can!

Jennifer said...

I completely understand. Today I"m just lying in bed hoping the day to rush away so I can sleep off more time. Our trip we looked forward to for months and mnonths has now been canceled. Don't hear anything back from daughter or son. I even canceled a small Christmas party at my house tomorrow night. Unfortunately, too 2 and 1/2 weeks off work and now for nothing. So, I wish it would at least snow here with all this but nothing.
Next year I've decided I'm not decorating at all.

Julie M said...

Glad you are back Sherry. I've had a hard time with Christmas and being ready for things this year too and I'm afraid my blog suffered because of it. I don't have a good reason though like you do. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Carolyn NC said...

Good to see you back. I'm glad you had a nice BD - hope your Christmas finds you in happier spirits.

Brigitte said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sherry. I'm glad to read that you had a nice day and eat out with Harold.
It's good that you are back into stitching, even if it goes slowly. I've made the same decision at the beginning of this year to stitch from what I have. And I really bought just a few new charts. Stitching the deigns that I have kitted up for a long time just makes me happy.
I have admired your scrap booking that you show in your last posts. You're a very creative scrapbooker.