Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rotation Hokey Pokey

Barbara was talking about rotations and starting them back up. I have found that I don't work well with rotations. I do have a few small ones that I can handle (and am taking with me into 2009) mainly because they don't take up every day of the week or month.

1. AAFG - every Friday for the Let's Stitch SAT. Now and then, I will also give this piece a Thursday when I have the time and/or desire!

2. HOHRH - The third Tuesday of each month (also at Let's Stitch). I am really in no hurry to get this piece finished off but I know I will be jumping up and down when I do!

3. Victoria's Quaker - The second week of each month (Mon-Thurs).

4. Each weekend is put aside for stitching on or finishing up Christmas ornaments.

This rotation will allow me to work on my WIPs while still giving me plenty of time for other designs I want to stitch on!

My coffee maker died on me yesterday so we made a quick dash to the store last night to pick up another one so I wouldn't have to do without my joe this morning! I definitely would not have been a happy person without my morning coffee! LOL! And DH knew it! LOL! We didn't have time to go out and shop leisurely for one so I didn't find what I would have liked but it does brew coffee so it will do just fine for now!

I have mentioned before that I love little pillows or small ornament size pillows. I fill up bowls and baskets with them! These are a few quilty ones that were gifts a while back but I still treasure!

Now that the holidays (and all that yummy food) are over for another year, I will be making more of an effort to make sure my exercising and healthy eating a bigger part of my regular schedule.

Be watching for my next give a way later this month!


Karen said...

Horrors on the coffee maker dying!! I've had that happen, and like you, I can't face the day (and nobody can face ME) unless I've had my coffee...I finally settled on the KitchenAid coffee maker, and I love it....Best of luck on rotation...it works for me!

Denise Powers Kissel said...

Coffee maker death...that would be a great title for a horror flick. I can't think of anything more terrifying to happen to me!!!

Von said...

Coffeemaker death is truly a family disaster! My kids became coffee drinkers at a very early age so I have my french press just in case the auto drip machine gives out, lol!