Monday, November 03, 2008

Spring forward. Fall back. Daylight Savings Time has come to an end for yet another year! How I will miss it! I always enjoy it that extra bit of daylight! But it will return again in March!

Last week was a busy one so my blog suffered a bit. Halloween was a nice evening but we only got a handful of trick or treaters. We just don't get many anymore. Sad but still understandable!

I managed to get some more done on AAFG for the Halloween SAT at Let's Stitch. I have already signed up for the next SAT and this week's challenge.

Ours is one of the states allowing Early Voting this year and we were able to get out to take advantage of it over the weekend. We stood in a long line but I imagine it will be a lot longer on Tuesday!

Once again, it is time for monthly goals!

October Goals

1. Continue to work on quitting smoking - YES and doing good!
2. Stitch on WIPs - YES
3. Continue to build thread stash - YES
4. Start a new stitch - YES
5. Start some smalls - YES
6. Keep my blog current - YES
7. Exercise - YES
8. Continue to build fabric stash - YES
9. Place stitching order - YES and last one for awhile
10. Eat Healthy - YES
11. Finish up at least 1 WIP - YES
12. Join the challenges and SAT at Let's Stitch - YES

October Focus WIPs

1. And A Forest Grew
2. Little House Nieghborhood


1. Continue to build thread stash
2. Continue to remain smoke free
3. Stitch on WIPs
4. Keep my blog current
5. Exercise
6. Join challenges and SAT at Let's Stitch
7. Start a new stitch
8. Stitch on Primitives
9. Build fabric stash
10. Build thread stash
11. Get ready for Thanksgiving
12. work on some of my freebies

1. And A Forest Grew
2. Victoria's Quaker

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me again! Come back soon!


Barbeeque4 said...

AAFG is coming along nicely!

Petra said...

It's looking great! Great goals too...good luck on the smoking, it's tough, but you can do it!

"Magnolia" said...

Wow, your AAFG is looking amazing, Sherry! WTG!

Congrats on your October goals met, and good luck for this month!

Garden Girl said...

This magnificent piece will be done before you know it. Your photos are very inspiring ~ I am sorely tempted to kit this one up!

All the best with those goals ~ you're doing great!