Thursday, November 06, 2008

If It's Old

I have always loved country and especially primitive decor! Quilts, old baskets, stoneware, needlwork, ect. I have seen many items from our decor come and go over the years. The boys used to love to surprise with old railroad spikes, wooden toys and such. I once asked them how they always seemed to know exactly what to get me and Michael answered "if it looks old and ready for the trash then I know you will like it!" LOL! Smart child!

It only stands to reason that I would fall in love with all of the wonderful primitive cross stitch designs available now!

One of my collections is buttons. I have collected them for a long time - before I even realized it was a collection! I have several jars full to the brim of special buttons, ones I take off clothing, decorative shapes, others I just "need" and some passed down to me!

I hope you have a wonderful day and come back to see me real soon!


Nancy said...

Buttons are wonderful, aren't they? To me they are comforting just like vintage linens. They are little works of art.

Meari said...

Sherry!! I have a jar of buttons similar to yours. :)

Sharon said...

I love your buttons, can I dig my hand around in that jar please. LOL
I have started collecting buttons again. I say again because I use to have a large jar full of them and I let my grandson play with them and well, goodbye buttons. He did have lots of fun with them though.

"Magnolia" said...

Oh, Sherry, I love your button jar! I have my Mom's button box that I absolutely love. I need to find a pretty jar to store them in. Right now they're in a Cracker Jack tin. LOL You and I have so much in common!