Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just the Basics

AGH! The power was out this morning when I got up. Obviously it was going on and off all night then just finally stayed off in the wee morning hours! No coffee!!! And I will NOT drink instant! Besides I would have needed the stove or microwave to heat up the water good and hot for it! It's amazing how dark the house is early in the morning even with the sun being up! I still had to use a flashlight!

Finally about an hour after I had started stirring around and I was outside, I heard the whirring sound of power in the house! YEA! First things first. I fixed a pot of coffee, turned on the computer then after I did the important things I did the other chores! LOL!

I began a new start last night! A pretty and very simple Christmas design that will make a wonderful pillow! At last! My very first "all for me" Christmas stitch! It hasn't gotten far enough along to post a picture of my progress but maybe tomorrow!

The past two posts have been rather long so I will keep this one on the short side! No pictures. No lists! LOL!
Everyone have a GREAT day!


Petra said...

Ah yes that very important first cup of coffee, how familiar that does sound! Glad to hear you got your power back on, hope it stays that way! Stitch on!

UK Belly Dancing said...

The BBQ chicken menu sounds good. If the weather is good this weekend I'll try it on the BBQ!