Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stitch A Wish

Yesterday I decided to make a list of the charts I would like to do to put on my "dream wall"(which is a little too overwhelming to post here just yet)! Hmmmm. I am either going to have to choose a bigger wall or put some of the pieces in different areas. I think I will choose the latter. I know for sure that it will take quite awhile to achieve this goal but after envisioning it for so many years, I am not about to settle for anything less!

Even though I have been working on Sampler Folk at a steady pace, I am getting the itchies to start one or two new patterns! A part of me is saying "Just wait till you finish this piece" while another part of me is begging for a new start or two! Decisions, decisions!

I have not stitched any Christmas pieces or ornaments for myself so those are on my list of "must do"! I would love to have some holiday pillows to throw on the couch and lots of stitched "homey" ornaments to hang on the tree!

It's time for me to make up my menu and grocery list again! Ugh! I am trying to fix meals that don't require the oven running for long periods of time (which isn't comfortable in this heat).

We finally got a good steady rain last night. I could hear it as I laid in bed and it really soaked the ground good! Just what we were needing!


Joanie said...

Hi Sherry,

I find your blog such a treat. So I've nominated you for a Kreative Blog Award! Pop over to my blog and claim your award!

I love your photographs, you are very talented! And your stitching is great too!

Wendy said...

That's such a cute design you are working on!