Monday, July 30, 2007

Survey Questions

Found these fun questions on a survey in a CS magazine so thought I would answer them here!

What type of fabric do you prefer to cross stitch on? Aida vs. Linen. I tried some linen the other night because I know that most swaps and round robins do require linen or evenweave now and NO aida! Call me old fashioned but I am probably one of the few who are more partial to aida cloth! At first I felt this may cause some problems but then I realized there was an easy solution! I will keep some linen on hand to use for swaps and such while I stitch the pieces that I plan to keep for myself on aida! Good plan!

Do you work on more than one cross stitch at a time? I usually don't like to have more than one project going on at a time. It's too distracting for me to handle. But I can handle one medium/large project and a small (ornament, ect) at the same time! No problem!

Have you ever used hand dyed fabrics to stitch on? Sort of. I have tea dyed my own cloth before stitching on it. Does that count?

How do you feel about embellishments on your stitching? I love the look of beads on cross stitch but I just never do it. Not practical enough for me. Of course I do love adding buttons to help liven up a piece!

Have you done variations when stitching? Oh, this is something I have always been notorious about doing! Changing colors or even the pattern it's self by not doing part of it so that I can finish up quicker! I'm impatient that way! And occasionally I like the main part of the chart but not all the extras. Sometimes less is more! I did a Home Sweet Home awhile back and I left out about 30% of the pattern on it but you would never know it cause it looks great!

How do you prefer to finish off your projects? In a frame or another way? I would have to say both ways. I am anxious to get my "wall of samplers" completed but I see so many boxes, fobs, bell pulls, needle rolls and more that I want to do as well! And now that I have a new sewing machine, I can do a lot of fun finishes! Too many projects, not enough time!

I was told that I needed to list the charts pictured in my previous post! LOL! I might get in trouble if I list them all but here is a brief run down --

1. Merry Sunshine by La D Da
2. Their Songs by Blackbird Designs
3. You are my sunshine by La D Da
4. Season of Rest by Little House Needleworks

What I did over the weekend: Stitched on my current WIP. Bought a couple of CS magazines, subscribed to Just Cross Stitch magazine, ordered the JCS Christmas Ornaments 10th Anniversary Collection, printed out some freebie charts from The Drawn Thread, picked up several new hoops in smaller sizes and some specialty threads.

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