Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catching Up!

Ran across a great sale and candles, faux fruit, potpourri, wreaths plus lots more ended up coming home with me!

Cleaned out my closet which is a nice way of saying that I made room for more junk! I will be so glad when we have an extra room (after ds leaves) for storage space!

I was ready to start on my next cross stitch piece when another one caught my eye! I may be putting Mockingbird by La D Da aside for awhile while I stitch on Their Song by Blackbird Designs. I hate doing that but this piece is just screaming my name to work on!

I set up our appointments for eye exams in August! YEA! New glasses are in my future and I definitely need them!

I had the appointment with the endocrinologist about my thyroid. It was determined that it is time to remove the bad part of my thyroid. He gave me the options and let me make the choice. I chose Radioactive Iodine treatment instead of surgery. Much simpler and effective. I go back tomorrow and Friday to begin treatments that will determine how much radiation I will need then will get the final treatment next week.

After that I go back once a month for several months to let them observe my thyroid's stabilization and that will determine whether I need to take thyroid hormones the rest of my life or not.

In short, I should begin to feel ALOT better very soon!!!

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Hazel said...

Hi! Found your blog via Carol Garden of stitches and knew we'd be into the same stitching!! I have the Mockingbird chart and the Loose Feathers charts in my stash waiting to be done. My mum has thyroid and is on tablets too so I know how you feel. Hope you get the news you're after. xx