Monday, February 10, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm!

Since my last post, we had snow! Not much. Not even enough to cover the grass completely. It wasn't one of the prettiest snows I remember having around here. It wasn't even worth taking a picture of but it snowed, none the less. The next morning the roads were a solid sheet of ice that involved some dangerous driving conditions and several days later, our temperatures were back in the mid 60's. That's the south!

With the warmer days upon us (even if only temporarily), the birds are singing sweeter and flitting around the yard checking out birdhouses for a place to nest and raise a family this Spring! My Japanese Red Maple and Forsythia have buds on them from the recent bouts of warmer weather. When the weather man began to talk about a possible winter storm coming our way around this week, I just put my hands over my ears and began to sing really loud. Maybe if I don't hear it, it won't happen! lol. I guess we will find out soon enough!

I spent some time going through my current stash for my Blast from the Past year. I was able to divide it all up into four groups. 1. Really want to stitch this! 2. Like it but it but not as much as the #1 group. 3. Not interested at this time but want to hang on to it. 4. Giveaways. Did I get your attention with Group 4? lol. Keep watching for some giveaways to begin sometime soon.

Now for the big news! No, I don't have my first finish of 2014 yet but I am finished with page one of The Apostle's Creed. Only 1.5 pages to go and since it is a piece I stitch only on weekends, it may take a while but I know I will be thrilled when it is finished.

My thoughts are wandering off to a new start! It would be my first new start of 2014 and would have to come out of my stash. After going through my boxes, I came across a stack of designs I would love to see finished and hanging on the walls! This Blast from the Past project may have to last longer than one year but hey, I've got nothing but time! lol.

Sorry for no pictures this time around but I wanted to post before my busy begins with errands and doctors to get out of the way in case that winter storm decides to move our way! I hope to have plenty to share next time. Thanks so much for stopping by and welcome to all my new followers! 


Shirlee said...

Hi Sherry! I did the same thing last year as you did this year ... divided my stash into those 4 groups. I actually need to do it again ... lol! Hope you can run your errands & make it back home before the winter storm hits. Be safe, my friend!

Margaret said...

Calm before the storm indeed. I am hating it. Hope you get all your errands and doctor visits done before it comes!

Vickie said...

I enjoyed your descriptions of your signs of spring. Wish I saw a sign of it. Any sign!!! Nothing but lots and lots of snow up here.

Brigitte said...

That's a great idea what you were doing with your stash. I only have two piles - one pile with the charts that I hope to stitch as soon as possible, and the rest. No, that's not completely true, I also have a folder with some big projects that I want to start when all the ones of this year will be started, lol.
Have fun choosing your next project. And I hope the storm won't bring you too much snow.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I keep making more envelopes to put projects in and keep filling my basket with things I want to stitch! I need to stop and it sounds like you are well on your way to overflowing baskets too ;)
Stay safe in the weather! I know we've had our fair share up North this year...more than our fair share in fact!

Von said...

Hope you're spared more winter storms! We're supposed to get warmer this week but still wet.
I'll soon be going through my design stash and will keep your organization ideas in mind. :)

Catherine said...

So done and ready for spring!! Hope it is not that bad for you. Love your categories!!!

Meari said...

We've decided there's only two kinds of weather right now: Cold or Snow. LOL

I think lots of peeps are ready for spring.

Maggee said...

Since I am so behind in reading posts, I won't EVEN comment on the weather cause it could be so different now... but I like your ideas about dividing stash. I have been going through mine too, and will try for giveaways! Hugs!