Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Color Changes

Even I am a little shocked that I am posting again so soon but I like it! It makes me feel like I am getting some control over my life again and resuming to normal.

I was asked in a comment on my last post if I would share the colors I used on The Apostle's Creed. Sure! The top borders and alphabet are basically just done in whatever colors I felt it needed. I had no real order for these. The prayer was a different story. Below I listed some of the colors used in the alphabet and then the color code I used for the prayer.

Top lines and alphabet - Gentle Art Threads Chives, Avocado, Gold Leaf, Chamomile, Piney Woods, Endive, Mulberry, Onyx, Caramel Corn, Polliwog, Woodrose and probably a few others.

The prayer and dividing lines - Weeks Works Charcoal (substituted for Maple Syrup), Gentle Art Mulberry (subbed for Chamomile), Chamomile (subbed for Toasted Barley), Endive (subbed for Caramel Corn), Piney Woods (subbed for Endive). The dividing lines are alternated with Gentle Arts Gold Leaf, Maple Syrup, Pecan Pie.

I was excited to see the Plum Street mystery sampler and got all my threads and fabric ready to start on it. My intentions were much better than my actual work on it. I still plan to get this stitched up and have it printed out, kitted up and ready to start on -- whenever! I love all the ones I have seen on other blogs and know that this is definitely a must stitch!

Have you ever had one of those times when you just can't find a design in your stash that moves you to pick up the needle? Then other times, there are soooo many you want to start on at one time! I am on the second scenario right now. Since I just can't see myself working on so many at one time I am compensating by kitting up a lot of them!
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Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your Apostle's Creed is stupendous and will be a super fabulous addition to your walls :)

Margaret said...

I definitely know both feelings. lol! Have lost charts and can't find them, have wanted to start everything at once too. Very difficult!

Us said...

God Bless:)

Meera Tom

Vickie said...

Hi Sherry! I am so glad to have found you and your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I could not reply to your comment, you are no-reply blogger. You can change that on you dashboard. =)

Maggee said...

I am RIGHT there with you regarding not knowing what to stitch and then having too many to decide! I am putting finishing touches on one last one for Christmas then I am digging in the WIPs!! Hugs!