Thursday, August 01, 2013

Already August!

Where did June and July gone to? By the way, where has the summer gone to? Oh yeah, out the window! For some reason, this summer has seemed to fly by faster than usual. Let me try to do a little catching up in this post.

I have been stitching on She Feeds Them Well by The Scarlet House. I still have a little more stitching before I can call this one finished. I have had to make a few adjustments here and there to make it work on the 18 count Aida I am using. I had already started on it once before on 28 count evenweave. I had practiced just for this piece because I wanted to do it so badly. I thought I was ready. I ripped out so many stitches and got so frustrated with that evenweave! Normally, an experience like that would have me packing up my threads and the chart to hide away in a drawer never to be seen again but I really like this pattern by Tanya and I was determined to stitch it. 

My first 2013 Loose Feather chart arrived! Wild Berries by BBD. I love this year's series dedicated to family history, samplers and birdwatchers! Three of my favorite things! I have a special plan for the series and can't wait to share it when I finish Wild Berries but it will have to remain a secret for now.

I normally shy away from BAPs but when I saw A Yuletide Welcome by Plum Street Samplers was going to be released soon, it was love at first sight! I know what I will be working on.

I have already decided that beginning in 2014 I will go on a stash diet -- again! Except for a few special charts, fabric and threads I plan to stitch with what is already in my stash. I don't think I will get bored or run out!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Edgar said...

"She Feeds them Well" is coming along so nicely!! Like you I ask myself... "Where has the year gone?"

Margaret said...

Your WIP is looking so pretty! I love both Tanya's and Paulette's designs. Yuletide Welcome is coming out soon? Darn -- I was trying to stop spending money. lol! I need that one!

Brigitte said...

That's a great design you are stitching here. I think I'll have to add it to my next order. Although I'm on a stash diet - like all the years before, lol. Mostly this diet works because I have a large pattern stash and many magazines to stitch from. But sometimes I just "need" something new, lol.
Have fun with your new PSS project.

Andrea said...

Lovely progress. Yes, can't believe it is August already either.

Jeanne said...

Your sampler is looking great! I'm sure it must be very frustrating not to be able to work on the evenweaves..I'm a slave to my Daylight magnifier but it allows me to keep on stitching. The summer has been flying by...I keep making stash diet attempts but I'm not very successful!