Saturday, December 01, 2012

December Days

I could come up with all kinds of excuses and reasons for not making many blog posts lately but honestly, it's mostly just plain laziness! I keep thinking that I will wait until I have something exciting or clever to write about. Well, that's not going to happen! *wink*
After my three finishes over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I had planned to continue on with my Christmas stitching but then I remembered Backyard Birds by La D Da. I had started this piece when DH had out patient surgery on his elbow back in September. I had hoped to get more done on it before posting any pictures of my progress but I had a bad spell with my stitching mojo. Then I decided to work on other themes for a bit but I have picked it back up and am working on it steadily! I have changed a couple of colors (nothing major) and I am using an Ivory 18 count Aida.
I made a recent update of my charts for sale on my Wishlist blog. I hope you find something you like. Maybe an early Christmas present to yourself? With the arrival of the holiday season, also comes more baking. Not just turkeys and trimmings either. Cakes, pies but mainly lots and lots of cheese cookies! A batch of these will disappear around here before they have time to cool off after being taken out of the oven!
December has arrived and I have my Christmas wish list all ready for Santa! But I also get to make a birthday wish list for later this month! In the past, I have tried to be good and only ask for what I need. Pooh on that logic this year! LOL. I gave my list to DH last night thinking he would either break out in laughter or give me a "are you out of your mind?" look. Neither happened. He just sat there and nodded as if he was (pretending or not?) taking it all in. Now to wait and see if my "wishes" come true!
After my last blog post, I was asked what were my stitching goals, wishes and dreams for 2013. I still have to go through my stash but for right now I am wanting to work on some WIPs to finish them off. I have some A&E designs that I would just love to get stitched, primitive marking samplers (a must) and I want to do more Christmas/Winter pieces for our bedroom and, of course, there is always new stash that cries out to be given attention! That sounds like plenty to me!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart!


Margaret said...

Your Backyard Birds looks really pretty! The cookies look delicious! I hope your DH gives you everything on your wish list. :D

Shirlee said...

What a lovely post : ) I enjoyed reading it & seeing all your photos. I have always written a letter to Santa in early December as well ... my husband delivers it to him : ) I haven't done that yet! Better get to it : ) I hope all your wishes come true.

Gray Bonnet said...

I'd also like to work on A&E's next year! The cookies look wonderful.:)

escortinpune said...
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